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So @AlloBaber dared me to make a card about my idea of a perfect date so here goes! I've never been on an actual date but these are my choices if I do. My two Ultimate Biases are Kim Namjoon from BTS and Bang Youngguk from B.A.P so I'll tell you who I think that idea fits for each.

Museum/Art Gallery

I'm pretty old fashioned. I love the museum and art galleries so that's one perfect place to go on a date for me. Perfect date: Kim Namjoon

Music Concert

Another great date idea for me. I love music and sadly I've never been to a concert before. 😒 Perfect Date: Kim Namjoon/Bang Youngguk


I love nature and being outside (even if I don't go often). I've always wanted to go on a picnic date. Perfect Date:Bang Youngguk/Kim Namjoon

Amusement Park/Fair

My all time fave of date ideas. I love amusement parks but don't go often. Especially at night they are perfect for romantic moments. Perfect Date: Bang Youngguk/Kim Namjoon
There are more ideas but these are my favorite ones. Hopefully I get to do them someday. *Hilariously I noticed they both fit all the ideas. *
Can't we just have a moment!! Like *swoon* They are just the amazing guys and are such badass cinnamon rolls!
This card is awesome. I think I would go on all of those dates! esp. Amusement park one!!
Yessssss I'M SO PROUD OF YOUUUU this is amazing!!! I would love to go on ANY of these dates. Especially if it was with Namjoon or my secret love, Park Jimin 😍😍😍 great job @LenaBlackRose !!!
@AlloBaber it my goal to go on these dates and they are not only my ultimate bias(since I can't choose between them) they also seem like they fit those date ideas. Lol Jimin would totally fit them