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Photographer Doug Keech Site [http://dougkeech.ca/] Wedeene River in British Colombia, Canada
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@YinofYang it will still be in September! Too many months to go before I hop on a plane again.. So I'm just here in Seoul, waiting for you :D
@shoenami September? Oh, good thing you're making all your plans for it now. That way you won't be so stressed out during your trip. (^_^) Awww, okay, I'll keep that in mind.
yah, we should go and fine it together :)
@YinofYang plans plans.. truth is, we only have the plane tickets lol..still have a lot to figure out! @Tapsamai let's gooo! I'm in!
@Saravy @Tapsamai @shoenami You're so funny, Nami. That's okay, sis. You might not have all your plans set in stone, but that will make it a little more fun. The most important thing is you have the tickets! And yes, let's all go here! How can any place be so beautiful?