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"For the person to protect me for possibly my entire life, I have chosen...Jungkook."
All of the guys stared at the maknae in disbelief. At the same time he looked in shock too. We sat in silence for a few minutes while they processed what had just happened. Jin eventually got up and patted Jungkook on the back.
"Congratulations, Kookie."
The others started to do the same. Taehyung came up to me and asked, "Why did you have to pick him? I'm great too!" Namjoon silenced him before he did anything else but Taehyung looked upset. I didn't actually know why I choose him. So far, he's been a good person and somewhat quiet. While I was stuck in my thoughts, Jungkook came up and was looking at me.
"Y/N! Earth to Y/N!"
"Huh!?" I snapped out of my daze and he was looking at me straight into my eyes. Wow, his eyes are beautiful, I thought to myself. He knelt down on one knee and placed a hand on his heart.
"I, Jeon Jungkook, a.k.a Kookie, vow to protect Y/L/N Y/F/N until this experiment is over and possibly longer." He looked so serious. I knew he could be super serious when he needed to but I didn't this would be one. After just a few seconds he cracked a smile and started laughing and fell to the ground. "I'm so sorry y/n, I tried being serious for that. That didn't work now did it? Ha ha ha!" I started to laugh a little too. The other members were talking again about something related to noodles. I think they have a special affinity for noodles, or something. "Yo, Chim Chim, don't we have another day off tomorrow?"
Jimin nodded and proposed that we take a tour of Seoul for the day. We all agreed to it and were then shooed away to our rooms by Jin to go to bed. I was the first to walk out of the room but not long after I was in my room there was a knock at the door. Before I reached the door, someone breezily walked into my room. Jungkook? Why was he here when we were about to go to sleep?
"Jungkook? Why are you here?" Jungkook walked up to me and held my hands in his.
"Y/N, I just wanted to thank you for choosing me. I will protect you from those baddies!" He smiled at me and let go of my hands. He ran out of the room but before he completely left he poked his head in. "Oh, and I'm moving back into my room, this one, so I can protect you in case they come in during the night. We'll move the stuff back tomorrow morning. Alright, have a good night's rest y/n!"
I got ready for bed and spotted something in the corner of the room in the mirror. I turned around and went to pick it up. At first it looked like one of my red shirts from the facility but it wasn't. It was a red and black striped scarf with frays at the ends. (second picture)This was Namjoon and Jungkook's room, so it's one of theirs. I opened the door to ask Namjoon or Jungkook, whichever one I found first, if it was his. Across form my door, sitting on the ground was Jungkook looking into space.
"Kookie?" I asked. He jumped at my voice. "What are you doing out here? Why aren't you in your room sleeping?"
"I'd like to ask you the same thing since it's almost 1 in the morning. Anyways, I was repacking some of my stuff into some boxes. I couldn't find one of my things and I wondered if I had lost it or left it in your room. Since I'm a nice person, I didn't want to knock in case you were sleeping and I didn't want to just open the door in case you were doing something." He must not have remembered that he had already busted into my room not too long ago.
"Is this what you thought you lost?" I held up the red and black scarf. His eyes lit up and he got up to grab it. Before he could reach it I pulled it behind my back and teased him. "What do you say, Kookie?" He reached for it behind my back, but I pulled it away again. He tried again and again but couldn't catch it. I internally laughed at his frustration. For some reason he smirked at me and looked almost serious but playful at the same time.
"You are actually at a disadvantage since you're shorter than me." He feigned a punch at my face which made me back up considerably into my room. Again, he smirked at me and darted around me. All of this just for his scarf? Was this scarf that special to him? Oh well, I guess I can play with him a little longer. "HA!" When we were dodging each other, my foot had gotten caught on his. I started to fall to the floor and closed my eyes to get ready for the impact. Suddenly, the falling sensation stopped and I was being pulled upwards.
"What the...?" Jungkook had caught me and also took the scarf away from my arms. "Is that scarf special or something to you?" He shook his head.
"Nah, I just wanted to play. Though, this is one of my most used scarves. I really like it."
"It's comfortable and warm for the winter. Here." He wrapped the scarf around my neck and face. It flopped to one side when he let go. He was right, it was warm, but too warm since its late August, almost September. I really liked it because it's soft and smelled a little like Jungkook. Okay, I might be weird but that was a really strange thought. I smiled at Jungkook and he smiled back. "You can keep it until tomorrow since I know where it is." I nodded and poked at his nose.
"Now, you need to sleep, it's 1 o'clock."
"Ha ha ha... Fine, goodnight y/n." He smiled at me and walked out for the last time that night. I finally went to bed. I re wrapped the scarf around my neck even though it was a little warm and fell asleep smiling like some idiot. Jungkook, my new friend and protector. It's only been about 2 days since I got here and it's crazy.
I woke up and immediately looked to see what time it was. I didn't wake up too terribly late but it was almost 10. After rubbing my eyes to fully awaken I spotted a figure sitting on the chair. He was looking at me and noticed that I had finally woken up. Jungkook got up and walked over to my bed. He was smirking, again. I figured out why he was smirking at me. The scarf he let me "have" was twisted around my body. Oops. He wasn't supposed to know that I slept in it last night.
"The beauty has finally woken from her slumber." He smiled then sat on my bed. "You slept for a long time. We were about to leave without you!"
"It's not THAT late is it?"
"Nah, I'm just joking. But you're holding us all up from eating breakfast." He poked at my cheek and m shoulder.
"Then why were you just sitting in my room instead of waking me up?"
"I was supposed to come and wake you up half an hour ago but I wanted to let you sleep. Plus you looked really peaceful when sleeping. So, no more questions, let's go eat." He stood up and helped me out of bed. As we walked down the hall to the kitchen/dining area he grabbed my hand. We arrived in the dining area and all the other members except Yoongi were sitting at the table. Jungkook raised the hand he was holding and announced, "I've waken the princess up!" They laughed at Jungkook's achievement and looked at me.
"Morning, y/n! Did you sleep well last night?" Jin looked at me while he was cooking at the stove.
"Mhm. It was a good night of sleep" I was still a little sleepy but it was bearable.
"Sit down y/n, eomma Jin is making kimchi, steak with egg, and these noodles with onions." Those must have been the noodles they were discussing all day yesterday. They were a like a dark tofu color but shorter than tofu noodles.
"I thought you couldn't make breakfast."
"I know you lost most of your memory, but where did you hear that crazy thing? Jin's breakfasts are great!" Jimin said with disbelief.
"Well, first off I got almost all of my memories back sometime last night." They all stopped what they were doing and smiled at me and Hoseok clapped for me getting my memories back. "Secondly, we went out for breakfast yesterday morning but I kinda figured that we were short on time too. Namjoon told me that we were eating out because none of you can make a decent breakfast. I know Jin can cook but I didn't know about breakfast." Everyone looked at Namjoon who was getting out cups from the shelf.
"Namjoon!" Jin stopped his cooking process and went up to him. "Why would you tell her that? I'm a great chef!"
"Hyung! You are, just not your breakfasts." Namjoon tried to look sympathetic and continued getting the cups from the shelf.
"Don't believe that him y/n, I'm great at making food for every meal. He's just jealous that he can't even make toast properly. Did you know that he will sometimes burn the pan instead of the food? His dancing is almost as bad as his cooking." Jin said smiling and he continued cooking.
"WHAT?!?" Namjoon turned around so fast that he knocked over the stack of cups. Good thing the cups are made from some kind of plastic. Everyone just sighed and continued talking while Namjoon picked up and cleaned the cups off. The food was later served to everyone and we all started eating immediately. Yoongi then came out to the dining area and sat down at his spot.
"Hey there sleepy head! You finally decided to get up. We're having steak with egg and those noodles Hoseok mentioned with onion."
Yoongi nodded and started eating. When Hoseok mentioned me getting my memories back he looked up and smiled at me. He shortly went back to eating part of an onion. All the food except for a small serving of kimchi was devoured.
"Alright, so at 3 o'clock we'll leave to go to downtown Seoul and tour the area. We'll go to a few places I think y/n would like. Hopefully we can get back before 10 tonight since we have to go in tomorrow." Jin stood up and started to clean up the plates. The few that couldn't shower last night got up first to clean up. The other 3 went to do other things like taking out the trash and getting the basket of clothes sorted out. I stayed and offered to help Jin clean up. We got everything cleaned up in a short period of time and took the sorted clothes to their owners.
I went back to my room to get dressed since the bathroom was in use by Jimin at the time. I chose another one of my shirts from the facility. White with red sleeves, black pants, and red converse. (first picture) I seriously need more clothes. I was changing my shirt when the door opened. Jungkook was coming in with a box of his stuff. I had forgotten that he wanted to bring his stuff back in. He saw me about to put my shirt on and sat the box down beside the door and walked out embarrassed. I finished getting ready and decided to look inside the box he brought in. It was mostly books with some pens and pencils.
I opened a red notebook that was labeled "The Best Moments in My Life (Jeon Jungkook)" with little hearts surrounding it. The first few entries were about him winning awards and they were dated around 2005. This must've gotten this when he was very young. I flipped to the more recent ones like debuting, winning awards, and graduating. His most resent one was written this morning. "9/1/XX - A girl named y/n arrived as an experiment for BTS. She's here for 6 months and will be pursued by guys from a facility until the end of the 6 months. She got to chose who protects her and she picked me. I am so honored to be picked from all the others." There was a short description of me and parts of yesterday and the scarf incident. He also mentioned that they are allowed to fall in love with me. At the end of the entry was written in red instead of black like the rest of the entry was. He apparently does this for important things, like how he did it for the some of the parts in the entry about debuting. At the end of the line said,
"I think I'm already falling for her."
So... there's that. This was almost twice as long as usual but I didn't know how to end it. There will be parts for each member coming up. Honestly, I don't know what to do for Hoseok and Namjoon's parts.
Remember to leave feedback and suggestions since I need it. (I have almost no plan for the story.) In case you ever want to know, there will not be any smut. (cringe moment for unintentionally reading one) Hope you are enjoying the story! Buing~
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