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These empty pages aren't ment to be so clean. She keep on writing like you told her to. Never did you feel the pain she felt. Each word she has written every sentence scripted along all those pages. Each was made by her own pain but you never felt what she felt before all you have was read them never once understood any of the words. Never felt what made them on the page never fully understood the pain that caused her to write those names. No matter how many times you read it you could never understand what she felt never in a million years could you get what she has said before. Never again will she be misunderstood never again pushed to the side. She's done being the slave. She will climbing to the top waiting for the final breath to be taken no more crying. Im done with the pain im done with this damn game. Everything ive done gone unnoticed for so many years. I've done so much more than you'd expect and for what no recanition not even once. I'm done with the lieing I'm done with all these games. I don't get what you were trying to accomplish with having me around all the time but Im through with it all. I'm not gonna bend till I break I'm done with your lies I found the truth. You will never understand this pain you will never know what I can do. Each day I think will I break today? But I know better than that cause I have to many to protect. But yet there's nobody to protect me. I don't need to be protected I could care less about myself, So if I die in the line of the shots fired. I would go with a good cause I already know where Im going but you think you do. You think Im that little angel from long ago But I've been toxicated. I've turned black. Now I'm unrecognizable. Im goin to hell yeah I know and I ain't scared cause i know what i did was wrong. My entire life was wrong from the start. Maybe i was a mistake made in the beginning. Never ment to enjoy the light everyone is so keen on seeing. I know i won't meet u there. You can wait but pretty soon you would forget about me like you always do. Yeah you think I've never noticed but truth be told I've been watching from the shadows waiting for you to remember the one that you boss around everyday of her useless life. She waited for you each day did as she was told never once forgotten the task at hand. Made sure to do it all the way you like. Not a single scratch to be found. Not a single piece of food left behind but yet you find one little detail that was left untouch. She gets accused of never doing anything and always being lazy but when you need her most she doesn't just lay around she's there waiting for her command like a fucking dog.  She pushes all those lies aside not worried about what they are ment for. She continues with her living till the day she loses it all. We all know that day isn't that far either so while she waits till she finally breaks you will all wonder after the death day. "What could i have done to prevent this from happening?" Maybe you should have told her she was doing great each day. Maybe you should have stayed and wished her a happy birthday but not once have you called for her special day always the others and when it was her turn she was told that you hung up the phone because tou were to busy to talk any longer. Now what do you have to say to that one. You could have told her that you were proud of what she could do or atleast proud of what she did for you all each and every day. But yet each day she was left out of everything. Never once remembered never once comfert when needing it most. All she had was a pet but you gave her away like she was old news leaving the once strong girl broken in pieces. You told her she could keep her pet but then you rip them apart and have her watch as she's dragged away looking back with sad eyes like she was abounded and broken inside. That girl looked fine but in the dogs eyes she could see the tears trying to spill the breaking of her owner's heart the tearing of the strings. She heard her entire world crashing down on that one day. Cause her to drag that once sharp blade across her delicate skin. Causing the crimson to spill from those once small slits. She kept it secret, but she need no worry, for you, you never noticed even when it was right infront of you. They both understood one another perfectly but you tore them apart like yesterdays newspaper. Now as she lays in her bed on the cold January night she thinks if tommorrow will be the day they finally see what she has done. Tonight as she sleeps she will cry without realizing that her world is breaking around her and being destroyed each minute of the day. Every second her world crumbs till it turns to dust. She will finally realize THAT you all have lied to her, her entire life. Now what will you do then. You will not feel regret cause you don't really care. Yoy think she wouldn't hurt a fly but as she growns each year she noticed some of the lies and started to change into something she's not, so now what will she do with the new power she has found within herself? Maybe she will end your lies maybe she will torment you till you die or maybe she will act like nothing is different and continue with her life like the slave you treat her hoping that things will get better. I couldn't say but each day she is slipping away. Losing her connection with reality. Slowly and unnoticed. Maybe you should have told her that you were proud of what she has done in her life. Maybe then you wouldn't have to worry every night about your own life.