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Sorry 1000000x, I've been neglecting Vingle for far too long. I've just been doing too many things at once (that's what she said). I don't think anyone noticed my absence but I thought I'd make a card just in case anyone did.
The semester is over, the holidays are over. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all. I'm super late I know. Now that school is over with, I'm back to working more hours. Especially now because....
IT'S TIME FOR KATSUCON!!!! so if you didn't noticed I'm hype af. Anyone going, please let me know, I'm happy to meet up with anyone and chill. I have my con squad but I don't mind adding to it lol.
So I'm back, watching a few new anime this season, I'll be sure to make a card about those later on. Feel free to hit me up anytime!