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So, here we go again. Thank you for keeping me up until 3am to find stuff !!
1. Pic/gif of the pre-show hand ritual. Basically, everyone's been finding the same stuff.
2. Pic of my least favorite Taeyang hairstyle. Wow. There were a lot A LOT of choices. Pic 2 - obvious choice. What's sad is that he thought it was cool, then found out people were making fun of him (see pic 3). He actually laughed and said he likes gim bap too! There were so many things wrong with that Monster hairstyle. Frankly, I really don't know what he was thinking. He might be a close 2nd in my ranking of BigBang if his hairstyles weren't so... crappy. I also included that 4th pic because his hair looks like hash browns. He over-permed it and it just looks nasty, even when wet. Sorry dude.
3. Video of BigBang in the studio. Here they all recording Tonight with no make-up and acting just plain silly. This has got all members!! I didn't know if you actually wanted to see them recording so I added video 2.
4. My favorite pic/gif/video of someone dressed as a woman. Daesung is so frickin' cute as Makino in their parody of Boys Over Flowers (Japanese version) that I couldn't resist. Look at his cute braids and how he punches T.O.P in the face with that big manly hand!
5. Pic/gif/video of G-Dragon's most outrageous outfit. So Pic 1 - wtf. What is that? What is that hat? What is that jumpsuit? He just looks like a complete mess. Pic 2 is from the airport - Seriously? Pic 3 is from a photo shoot, but still.
6. Pic of all five members signatures.
7. Seungri Panda fan art. There were just so many to choose from. Credits and kudos to the owners. I even found Hello Kitty art of the entire band - with a Hello Kitty Seungri as a Panda.
8. Here is a video of them speaking English. They have totally improved in the last 3 years.
9. Pic/gif of pillow T.O.P from the Naver V broadcast. There was a point when Ji was cradling the Tofu Doll (there was one in Goong which is why I know it's called a Tofu Doll) and I tried realllll hard to find it - SUCCESS.
10. Five different pictures of Crayons. Does Crayon Pop count?? Well, I included 5 more just in case it doesn't.
11. Gif of Daesung dancing or being goofy. 'Nuff said.
12. Funniest BigBang-related pic that will make you laugh. Toughie. I don't know if these will make you laugh, but they made me laugh.
Extra Cred!!
13. Video of another idol group reacting to a BigBang performance.
14. Something funny that will make you laugh BigBang-related or not. For some reason, the T.O.P one cracks me up.
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The Rap Mon/Taeyang meme was very funny! Unfortunately, the video of BB speaking English was taken down so you need to replace it with one that is viewable. Other than that, GREAT job!