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Can anyone tell me how to start out if you have never kissed a girl before how do you do it
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@Christian2434 ahh you're just gonna have to sorta stumble into it blindly. a first kiss is never really glamorous. but take it slow. a great first kiss is one that's short and sweet.
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@alywoah good advice..take your time and ease into it
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when you have her in front of you make sure you are in a moment where it seems to be just you and her look into her eyes move her bangs out of her face then look to her lips all slow motion if she is unsure then have her close her eyes but if you think she is ready or yourself move your head about 45° so your nose doesn't hit hers then just go for it make sure your eyes are close if you want put your hand holding her neck as if you are holding a baby
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the whole kissing like moving your lips will come natural
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Its fairly simple just wait for a nice moment look into her eyes get close and shell probably to all the work
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