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Thank you @paulisadroid for tagging me on your post! I was very intrigued by your choices and thought I'd share mine!
5) Journey I totally agree with @paulisadroid. This song is beautiful. I really can't get enough of it. One time I was telling my non-gamer friend about this game, totally freaking out about how beautiful it was. The graphics are truly amazing and this song just makes it perfect. She wasn't very impressed until I let her listen to this song.
4) Skyrim Who doesn't love this soundtrack? It's AWESOME!
3) Saints Row: The Third To be honest, this is the only Saints Row game that I've played (I know, I'm a disgrace). I played it because my sisters friend brought it over to play and then she forgot it here. We never gave it back... But anyway! THE ENDING NO JOKE MADE ME CRY OH MY GOD WHY SHAUNDI.
2) Fallout 4 I'm a sucker for Bethesda games. :') And I just love the beginning of this. You can tell that it's all black keys because it kinda makes you shiver and cringe.
1) Uncharted This has got to be my all-time favorite OST. It's just awesome. I could listen to this for hours. Just kidding I have a life. I don't.
I swear to jesus if these videos don't work I will murder someone Kitty-chan out.
this was amazing! I can't believe that I forgot about the Uncharted OST. it's such a great score and it definitely sounds like an adventure. And Skyrim!! Geez I can still remember how hype that got me when I listened to it.
@KittyCommittee both just bring me a bunch of smiles I totally know that feeling
@paulisadroid Wow I didn't think it was amazing...hehe. Thank you! And omg same. Every time I play Skyrim, I just sit there until the song starts repeating. I listen to THE WHOLE SONG before I start playing. Same with Uncharted.