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11) How did you hear about Monsta X Funny little story...I was bored roaming around Youtube and searching for new bands to listen to....that's when I found Monsta X song New Exit.... My first thought was they are pretty good looking >~< It was color coded so I knew who was singing and obviously the vocal line got to me....I tried so very hard to memorize their names and only managed to learn Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun and Hyungwon....pretty much half of Monsta X But I didn't really liked them....(I face palm myself now) Fast forward to their Hero repackaged album....which I didn't know at the time and I came across their Hero rooftop video and I was like oh! I remember these guys!! So before clicking the video I searched up their profiles and the only I managed to recognize was Wonho (hence how he became my first bias) this happened in the library so I just probably looked like a freak..... Then fast forward again and I was an official MonBebe wondering how I couldn't tell the differences between them!!!!
an article about their debut coming up. In allkpop.
I saw the on an episode of Weekly idol with n.flying and I believe 3 girl groups. but they had to wear mask to cover their identities