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The votes for the All-Star game starters are in, and while their are plenty of well known names on the list, one rising star many expected was left out by the fans.
The starters in the West are Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard in the frontcourt, with Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook in the backcourt.
It seems as if the fans left out Warriors frontcourt player Draymond Green.
Draymond has been sensational for the Warriors this year, but it seems as if the fans aren't too impressed with his production.
At the moment, Green has amassed eight triple-doubles this year, which is AMAZING for a frontcourt player who isn't the focal point of his teams offense. He is also a stellar defender who guards the teams best player each night out.

Should Draymond Green Be A Starter In This Year's All-Star Game?

He def needs to be a starter......
Draymond Green should be a starter. He's been phenomenal all year.