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BTS Screenshot Challenge.

BTS in school.

I did.... *DJ Khaled voice* another one.
I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my work if he sat next to me. I'd BOMB every test so hard, man!! It'd be horrible.
Are you sure it won't be the other way around? JK!! I'm sure he would try to help me but I'd be staring at his face and not paying attention to what he is saying.
Yo!! Stay in your lane, Namjoon. You are my friends bias. I am loyal. Sisters before Misters. Stahp!!
Aww!! ❤❤❤!! That's so sweet!! I'M SPAZZING RIGHT NOW!!
What is life? How does life exist? My heart is gone. It's on his home planet. I can't even feel anymore!!!! belong to @Bitterlimelight!!!!


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oh where is the original card I want to try this!!!!
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