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so first, look at his wonderful smile. he has one of the best I've seen.
even when singing in a different language he's smiling a happy smile because he's singing.
and like our wonderful YB he gets into the music and focused on making it perfect, even tho it usually already is perfect!
and the audience is singing the song with him, which makes this even more amazing! they are so lucky and I'm so jealous (in a good way), especially since I don't know Chinese Lol.
so I know this was posted months ago, Oct 15th. but this was the first time I've seen it. when I heard the song it sounds like a very sweet lullaby. I honestly don't know the name, or what it is about but that is what I hear. he did an absolutely amazing job singing this song, and I hope he does more like it on CDs so I can buy them!!! WHO ELSE WOULD BUY ONE OF THESE CDS!? PS, and last night I actually played it while falling asleep *blush* his voice is just so sweet and soothing! *swoons*
edit: so I didn't want to erase anything so I'm asking this Lol, I searched it to find out the song! “月亮代表我的心” which is famous as an original sound track of film “Almost a Love Story” so there we have it! I still love this song and I think it's gonna be my lullaby for a while! lol
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