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Hello my lovely Fanatics yes I know you are so happy!! me too I had so much writing this it was a little hard but I spent the whole day! doing this thank you for taking your time to read my cards I appreciate it! Enjoy!!! -- Part #1 -- -- Part #3 --
Steps invade the cold floor, you grab the folder and open it, SUSPECT: KIM Jongin known as (Kai) Born: January 14 Height: 6′ 0″ Nationality: South Korean You flip through the pages, and say to yourself "is he a murder, pedophile? " "What is he?" What condition does he have?
Ring Ring* "My phone where is it? Here it is.." you murmured. You pick up your phone from your nightstand and look at the screen it says unavailable number, you answer the call. Y: "H-hello?" UN:" HI! Good morning welcome back!" Y: "uuhh.. excuse me who is this? " UN: "oh for Gods sake! This is what I hate about my job, aish! OK hun your undercover name is Clarissa for today, yesterday you where Janette Remember..?" Y: "umm no I don’t remember.. who are you what’s Your name? " UN:" I can’t tell you," You hear him laugh pretty bad UN: "OMG you’re so funny it just gets me every time haha! OK hun.. you need to listen to me haha! I can monitor every step you are taking your heartbeat, every breath, movement, eyesight everything.. do you Understand? " Y: "UMM not exactly but go on.." UN:" no no honey it’s OK I’m here to explain everything to you darling plus I’m Your side sick if you want to label me like that hahaha!!!" Y:" OK.." UN:" anyways! You had a dream right.. because I saw your dopamine levels rise up.. like crazy like around 5:45 or so.. right?" Y: "i-i guess.." UN: "he’ll Yes I was right! well when that happens CLARISSA you are dreaming right your on your 3rd state of REM sleeping where you can’t Move or feel or try to open your eyes but you can’t! Right?" Y: "Y.yess.." UN: "you woke up like at 6 am right? So what did you dream?" Y: "what did I dream? Well I was at a hospital they said I was in coma I heard two men fighting over me one was crying and the other one just wanted to pull the plug so I could die because he didn’t Want me to live a life like that.." UN: "so did he unplug you from life support?" Y: "WELL I’M Guessing yes??! " UN: "OK hun see everyday you have a different dream and when you dream for a week the next week all that you dreamed happens in real life.. luckily you have this sidekick to help you out." Y: "OK SO… what do I have to do?" UN: "nothing haha! Eeeeey got yaa! Haha!" Y: "you never said your name?" UN: "oh yeah my name is Chanyeol" Y:" OK cool… nice to meet you I’m " UN: "yeah yeah.. I know your name already you do this ever single day.. I don’t know why it’s weird like if your brain restarts.. anyways I need you here at this location by a text I want you here by 7:35am." Y: "OK I’ll Be there" UN:" oh yeah don’t Forget, that folder you’re Going to need it.. the boss will give you more detail on it.." ---(Hangs up)---
You blankly stare at the white wall.. and start walking to your bathroom to take a shower you look at your clock. And you say “Holy shit it’s 7:25am! Aaaggh” you get into the shower and make your way to your work place.
You go inside the building doors, and walk through the crowd of people going to work you go to the front desk and the secretary says S:" hello there Clarissa long time no see! The boss is waiting for you.. you arrived just in time that’s Good.. " Y: "um yes which floor? " S: "the 25 the floor miss. This way please.." She takes you to the elevator and makes sure no one gets inside with you she presses the 25th button and a total silence invades the elevator.. S: "it’s Chilly outside right? " Y: "umm.. yes in deed " You look at the numbers on top of the elevator doors how the light turns off and goes to the next number. --awkward atmosphere --- You look around and start to read the emergency paper that was stuck on the elevator wall. While you where reading through half of the page. ****Bing**** S: "OH! We Are here.. right this way miss." You don’t say a word and just pass by a long hallway. With pictures Frames hanged on the walls of some individual. He was handsome and young, you wondered how you got this awesome job with a boss that’s hella hot and the suspect that’s also cute you’re starting to like this job. You smiled. "Nice art frames too" your inner voice said. One by one..You pass them by. You see a door. And there’s Another secretary outside his door. She quickly stands up, and bows to you respectfully. Your inner voice, "Why she bowing for it’s Not like I’m some kind of queen haha!" The secretary says S: "Hi this is Clarissa, she was asked to come today at 7:35 ?" S2: "yes! Hi Clarissa let me tell the boss that you’re here" She picks up the phone and says S2:" she’s Here.. OK. Yes sir." ----Hangs up-----
S2: "right this way miss " She opens the door and you See a long desk with a black chair. You wonder where’s The boss?. You roll your fingers when holding the folder. The secretary closes the door and there’s a complete silence, the chair turns around and your eyes widen. He says, “Hello, there Clarissa sit down. Don’t Be nervous.. “ You slowly approach the chair that’s In front of his desk while Holding on to the folder Like never before. You calmly sit down you crumb the folder a littlr bit more tighter. He stares at you and smiles at you. You forcibly smile back not knowing what the hell Are you doing here. You just go with the flow, but also interested in what’s Happening to you so you decide to listen to whatever he has to say. He licks his lips before talking and says “OK Clarissa this is how things workout here, I’m going to explain to you what’s happening and why are you here. “ You nod and don’t say a thing “can you hand me the folder I gave you yesterday?” he said You give him the folder containing the evidence of Kai he opens the folder and puts it on his desk facing it towards you and points out Kai’s picture. “OK see this guy, this guy is trying to kill you, he has the same condition as you his mind resets every time that clock on your hand beep’s ” he said You look at your watch on your left hand and touch your hand, And look back at him. “That clock when it restarts that means your head will erase everything you did during those two weeks” he said You said “So your saying every 2 weeks my life completely resets? And I become another person? What I don’t Understand…” He replied back, “yes, what don’t you understand.. ? If you get killed by Kai you restart all over again with a different name and age.. think of it as a game in an arcade when you lose, but instead of having 3 hearts you only have one, and if he kills you he gets more points right?” “Yes” you replied back “that means that he gets more hours to live if he kills you, you can’t let that happen, because if it occurs again you will no longer be alive.. do you get It it’s your last chance… you have no more time left.?” he said. “ so you’re Saying that asshole killed me yesterday..!” you replied frustrated. “Yes, look at your arm that’s The life you have left” he said. You desperately Look at your arm and on the bottom of your watch you saw a lot of numbers you blurred out. “I have… 328 hours left.. " He said “ yes Clarissa since yesterday he killed you, you had extra hours and he took them away from you, that means today is your first day of your two weeks, that’s why I’m asking you to please kill him he’s been a trouble for you since the start if you kill him you know what happens ?” You replied back astonished “what happens?” “you get your life back and you’ll Be able to live forever as a normal person” he says You replied with “How…?” “If you take all his hours of life, that watch that’s Hooked up on your wrist will unlock. And you’ll Become a free person. Search for him and kill him until he doesn’t Have hours anymore ” he said. “OK boss I’ll do whatever it is on my hands sir” you said. “You are dismissed, by the way my name is Suho nice to meet you” he said. “ its a pleasure to meet you sir” you said. You turn around and head out the door. Suddenly your boss comes out screaming “Hey you forgot, the folder” he said. You turn around slowly your face red flushed “Thank you, I’m sorry” you said while you bow three times. He smiles and waves goodbye, while you turn around and make your way to the elevator.
You get to the elevator and push the button to get inside, the doors open up and go inside, you push the first floor button the doors start to close when suddenly someone comes running and puts his hand on the middle of the closing elevator doors. The doors open and runs inside with you with a big smile. He said “Phew! I made it just in time haha” You smile and nod “Kyungso nice to meet you “He said while he extends his hand to greet you. You nervously giggle and say “Clarissa” “That’s A pretty name you have there” he says “aww, thank you” you replied ****Bing**** You rush out walking fast, and hear Kyungso say “see you later, have a nice day!”
You don’t Say anything, the secretary stops you and tells you that you have to go get your equipment. She leads the way to the secret room where they have all the weaponry stocked. “she needs equipment, she has a case” the secretary said “Hello, Clarissa here again really I thought you were a badass, by the way I’m Sehun nice to meet you” he says. “Oh yes I’m Here again haha” you sarcastically laugh. “Here you go your baby, and a set of awesome one ear piece, bullets and lastly a knife.” Sehun said while handing you a 9 mill Gold Chromed handgun. It was so pretty and so shiny. Your eyes widened and you want it all to yourself. “ I polished it, you’re Welcome” he said. “Yeah bye” you said, you headed your way to the nearest bus stop.
You get into the bus, and sit down you Stare at the window and start to think “why the he’ll Is there a lot of hot guys where I work, dang I need to hook up with someone your inner” you said. You get off the bus, and start walking towards your apartment. While walking you sensed someone looking at you. Immediately you turn your head and don’t See no one. You keep walking towards your destination when you suddenly hear loud steps, you turn around and see a shadow pass by. You automatically knew it was Kai, you start to run to your apartment while you see him running behind you. You run through the isles, and start to run up the stairs into the third floor. You turn back and you don’t See him. You open up your door slowly, you go in your apartment slowly take out your 9 mill and start to turn your body around to take a look if he’s inside your house you start to go into each room walking slowly and steady to see if something was moved. You keep your guard up, and keep searching you go into your room and see that your window is open, you knew he was already inside. You turn around and there he was behind you he grabs your arm and twists your hand and try’s to take your handgun. You untangle yourself and turn around and kick him on his back. You push him to the wall, and he says “Hold on babe I missed you don’t you want to give me my kiss.” He puckers his lips when you suddenly punch his face, “I don’t trust you plus why are you even Here you killed me already yesterday at least give me a fucking break” you said. He giggles and says “that was hot, come on hit me One more fucken time baby”. You grab his neck and punch him one more time, suddenly he throws a kick on your stomach making you fall to the ground. “stand up!, come on babe “ he says it laughing. You try your best to breath and stand up but fail to do so waiting for the moment for him to touch you. You planned ahead and pushed him to the vanity you had on your room. He giggles and says “ I guess you like it rough babe, mm I like that” he smirks.
while grabbing his neck safely with your hand, and pressing your body against him, you hold your Gold chromed handgun pressed down his chest, and hold him down against the wall . You softly say to his ear, “My lips are a gun My smile a trigger My kisses are bullets That label me a killer” You smirk, you suddenly make your way to his lips without thinking for your last kiss, Goodbye.. He softly says, “But, darling I’d Love to be your victim” He lifts up his hand and caresses your cheek softly.
A shot was fired that filled the room with a total silence. while a smoky gun falls to the ground.. splashing red blood all over the white walls, and blood drips down the floor He softly says “you’d never kill me unless I kill you”.
oh hot damn! you know what this reminds me of....Mr. and Mrs. Smith!!! oh thia is amazing
this feels like a movie :)
This is so good!! Please tag me!
So awesome!!!! please tag!!!
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