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I wanted to add some of the events and experiences I have had and hear about yours in relation to it! So here it goes! I went to LFCC in 2013 and it was amazeballs!
Professional Cos play ^^^^
I really didnt know what to expect as I had never been to one before but it was great! The people were really friendly and I felt like these were my people!
Stars signings
Iron man looks awesome!
Cute adventure time cosplay
Shiiiit its Freddie!
The other part of the building had a gaming section which was brill! it featured lots of retro gaming I hope you have liked this! comments please
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@shannonl5 You havent been to any?
@Eclare I've been to a few in Boston but I've always had to work or something when SDCC or NYCC happened :(
Aw thats a shame :/
@Eclare yeah bad timing. I'm hoping to get to one this year
@shannonl5 I wanna do another this year myself its on my goals list for this year.