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Warning: The game in this post is a beloved game. People reading this might be shocked, confused and angry while reading. Anyone who takes negative post about a game they like might not ant to continue. Thank you and enjoy.

Hello Gamers!

Don't Let the above photo fool you. I don't quit gaming. This was just the best photo I could find to go with the title of this card. Sorry for the scare.
This is my long awaited response to @paulisadroid card that you can see: Right Here!
I hope you read my warning at the top of this card because the game I gave up on is beloved by all. Let's get started (you're not going to like this)

Half Life 2.

Has everyone calmed down? Can I continue? Good.
I know everyone, I know how much you love this game and probably think I'm insane for even mentioning it in a post like this. "How could you not complete this!?" you ask. "Did you even give it a chance?!" I wan't to say yes but even I could agree I could of given it more of a chance. I tried to get through it ya'll, like three times, but I could never get to far.
I know there's nothing I could say to redeem myself; even when I think about it, I think I'm being irrational but let me try to explain myself.

I Tried.

When I say I tried, I really did; or at the very least I tried to try, does that make sense? A few years ago I picked up the Orange Box, a compilation of games featuring Half Life 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2. I wanted to play the big game craze know as Half Life 2 as well as the hidden gem Portal. I started Half Life 2 with high expectations and high enthusiasm. When I started the game I was intrigued, as walk through the enclosed town I can tell this world was for sure interesting. Not a whole lot was going on but I was still intrigued. Eventually you meet your team and this is where the game started to loose me as the dialogue seems to be for those who played the first game. Some cool stuff does happen but it appears that playing the first game would have helped understand the situation and the characters involved. I can't blame the game for me not playing the first game so I keep moving forward (still enthusiastic)
When you get you're power suit you get thrown into the world with nothing but a crowbar. "alright" I said "time for the real game to begin". Now I kept pushing forward and played this first person shooter with not a whole lot going on. I'm sorry to say I got bored.I never felt motivated to keep going after a few hours into the game. "But you haven't even scratched the surface!" you're yelling at me right now. I know everyone but I didn't do it just once.
I eventually traded in the Orange Box, as I needed money for newer games. As luck would have it Xbox gave away Half Life 2 for free so I gave it another shot. I thought i was being irrational the first time so I knew I had to try again. I pushed through a little further the second time around but still couldn't make it to far. I went to play another game thinking I just needed a break. When I came back I didn't feel motivated to continue. I would eventually try again a third time and for a third time didn't make it very far. "When does anything happen?" I kept asking myself. I guess it's true what they say, you can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I know it seems unfair that I would give up on a game just a few hours into it but if it doesn't grasp me should I really try to force it?
I'm not saying it's a bad game ya'll but it's just not for me. I'll most likely try again in the future but I can't guarantee the result won't be the same.

I hope I didn't upset you too much.

We all have that one game that didn't quite work for us and this is mine. Even with it's popularity I hope you respect my choice, even if you don't like it.
Hopefully I didn't get kicked out of gaming community but if I did then the last thing I'll do is continue the conversation.
What game did you not complete? Was it wrong place wrong time? Did you not like it? Is it as popular as mine? Let the gaming community know with you're own card or leave a comment.
Till next time (I hope) thanks for reading and have a great day!
@ButterflyBlu it unfortunate how the Internet is. That's why I love my Vingle family
@ButterflyBlu lol I knew my Vingle family would accept this but I had to make it dramatic. If I posted this on Facebook or Tumblr they'd want my head.
@InVinsybll I love Mass Effect, we might not be friends for much longer
@InVinsybll I understand, many people love it but I had to express my feelings towards it. I'll give it a try again at some point
@InVinsybll I knew I'd get someone upset. Your a good dude so I know you'll for give me. Right?
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