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Dedicated to my friend Jailyn, I hope you guys enjoy my fic/oneshot with Kim Namjoon, this is actually my first oneshot I ever made but I posted my second one first because I made the cover for that one quicker lol, but nonetheless thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy reading what happened when he slept over one night!~
You and Namjoon have been dating for about four to five months already, last night he stayed over at your place because he was in town and he just wanted to see since the world tour just ended. Once in awhile all the boys will hangout with you especially Yoongi and Jimin because you guys feel like siblings mostly Jimin, Yoongi was like your second protector since Namjoon is your first. When you woke up, you weren't surprised to see Namjoon asleep on the floor next to your bed since it's still weird to have him sleep on your bed, but you noticed he has your phone, it doesn't matter since you don't have anything to hide. But you hope it doesn't mean he doesn't trust you. Later after making breakfast for the both of you, Namjoon awakes and you guys start to eat while says "Jagyia, I love you a lot and I don't want to lose you..." "Wait Namjoon, where is all of this coming from? You're not going to lose me unless you start acting like a total jerk. Who would steal me away?" What the heck is he talking about?? What's wrong? "You know who they are!! They are always in your pictures and on your photos!!" "You can't be serious? You mean Yoongi oppa and Jimin?? You know they are like my brothers and protectors...Oppa.." "Jailyn what about Daehyun?? And Hyung and Jimin?? Why are they so closet to you but your boyfriend to any as close the you?? Explain why they are always on your phone??" I can't believe that he would think that I leave him for his fellow members and for Daehyun.."First of all Daehyun is a member I respect from B.A.P!! I have never met him before! Second Yoongi oppa and Jimin have always been in my photos since I usually go to the studio to support you guys and Jimin helps me not miss you all the time while your on tour!! He always sends me pictures and videos of you when you're not looking!!" I hope this isn't the end between us...but I can't handle this...please just like it be a small thing..."I know Jayiln, I know it's just I get so jealous when I see you with them, I can't stand it...I know that you're loyal and support's just I'm afraid of losing you.." Namjoon comes close to give you a hug noticing you're holding back tears.."If you know oppa don't worry!! Or get jealous!! It hurts when you act like this!! It hurts because it makes me feel like I'm not the right girl for you..It hurts oppa" He holds you tighter while whispering "I know Jailyn, Oppa knows and is sorry for this about we forget about this and watch anything you want while finishing your breakfast?" "Okay that sounds good but Namjoon never doubt yourself, you being jealous is cute and all but it hurts at times...but I wanna let you know you're gonna have to clean the kitchen" "Anything thing for my baby, anything for you Jailyn, I love you" "I love you too oppa" Sorry for the argument but I hope you liked the ending, I tried to make it realistic but I apologize if the word "oppa" started to annoy you towards the end, but I hoped you liked it!
@KaeliShearer @JessikaLuna yes I added you both to my tagging list and I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›
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I LOVED THIS AHHHHH Joonie BETTER clean the kitchen after that spat he caused!!! Haha <3
@ReynadeKpop No probs 😊😊
@JessikaLuna and here I thought it was bad ^^' thank you for the comment it helps <3
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