2 years ago100+ Views favorite song in the entire game. It may have just been me getting caught up in the emotions but I loved this part. It made me feel like I was really a part of it and I truely enjoy games that break the wall of reality for me. This isn't one of my inquisitors (I've replayed the game 5 times, since the beauty of this game is that you're story can change every time) but I really wish I had captured it with my first inquisitor.
The journey to skyhold, the music that comes shortly after the first one I spoke about. If this was not the song they used I'm not sure the cinematic would have made me feel so strongly about finding Skyhold in the middle of no where with people barely trucking along behind me.
"In Hushed Whispers" is the first song you technically get to hear in the game. It definitely makes you feel like you're heading into one epic adventure... partially filled with despair, depending on your choices it could be almost entirely filled with despair....
Last but not least... the tavern songs... sometimes if I needed to step away from the game I'd head into the tavern and turn my sound up just to listen to the music. They're all beautiful songs that create emotions, they aren't just mindless songs to fill in the space which shows the certain amount of care that went into this game. Also you spend a lot of time in the tavern when talking to Iron Bull or Sera so the music was really crucial for me.
Let me know if you've played this game, and how many times you played it? Were you able to have your former Hero as part of the inquisition? What were some of the choices you regretted? And don't forget to talk about the music!
@paulisadroid oh I know! I was extremely happy with the center of the storyline mixing with the elven lore.
@MaighdlinS same here!!! I really loved that bit about him. I've been so invested in elves and all that since Dragon Age: Origins and like that whole thing made me so happy in the weirdest way hahaha
@paulisadroid haha what I'm hoping for is one more continuation of the game to explain more about solas... if not I guess I'll just have to go with the DC because I'm super curious
@MaighdlinS there's only one DLC that I'm interested in. I forgot the name of it but I think it explains well, you know, that whole thing about Solas. don't wanna get too spoliery in the comments haha
I don't have any of the extras though I'd be super interested in the Avvar and Qunari extras. I'm just not convinced I should spend for it yet. I finally found out....(took me long enough) where the hidden mount merchant is...
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