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Comparison is obviously clear, dont hate Dragon Ball Z Haters, dont get me started on One Man Punch!
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genjutsu and and ninjutsu only work against chakra users in a world or universe of chakra.
chakra and ki are literally the same thing.. They all derive from the the word chi or energy...(which in a sense all humans) Even Kishi himself said charkra js based off ki from dbz but edited to work from the naruto universe. #themoreyouknow
ooooohhh well isnt that fantastic
@simplynick both are derived from Ninshu, sage of six paths never intended for Ninshu to be use as ninjutsu.
How about we all not have our main characters fight each other because I'm pretty sure they'd all be friends! Naruto is very powerful, Goku is very powerful, etc etc. We all have our own opinions about animes and that's good because if we all were the same then the world would be boring! But both Naruto and Goku are good so if there was a crossover (I don't think there is) I'm pretty sure they'd be friends because BOTH Goku and Naruto are friends with pretty much everyone!