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Comparison is obviously clear, dont hate Dragon Ball Z Haters, dont get me started on One Man Punch!
"I don't know what this 'Yamcha' is, but it sounds disappointing."
Yamcha can't even beat Konahamaru
@Alletaire I respect your love for naruto I like naruto as well goku being such a nice guy and all will make it drawn on for a while but two moons ain't enough goku has fought enemies who destroyed planets with ease such as frieza destroyed all of planet vegeta with a finger vegeta wiped out all life on one with a blast and kid buy who destroyed several goku can just take naruto into space in god form and just wait for naruto to die from suffocation but he's to nice to do that and would instead fight head on if vegeta can wipe all life on a planet with a power lv of 10000 or so in the saiyan saga how many planets can he destroy now and let's remember he at goku are practicly at the same level now naruto has achieved a lot but he is still only human kinda he just has summoned creatures living inside him naruto vs ichigo or luffy or natsu would be a close one
ooooohhh well isnt that fantastic
chakra and ki are literally the same thing.. They all derive from the the word chi or energy...(which in a sense all humans) Even Kishi himself said charkra js based off ki from dbz but edited to work from the naruto universe. #themoreyouknow
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