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Hello everyone!
I'm considering making a storyline involving my Vocaloid figures, in which there is a scenario that begins the plot. Then you guys can leave comments on posted photos here or on the blog saying what you think will happen next, and I will pick one comment that will influence the next week's post. This will continue until the story is ended.
Problem is, I'm having trouble coming up with the start of a little story!
Because Valentine's Day is coming up, I was thinking we could start a Romantic love story at first, and the finale could be on Valentine's Day.
What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas to start off the plot? Also, do you have any questions? Give me your feedback, I'm happy to hear all of it! Just keep in mind that the story has to be something I can tell with photography.
Also, I'll definitely be taking suggestions since I want to create something that will involve you guys more.
Anyway, leave some comments with any suggestions or questions you may have. I'll see you soon!
ummm once upon a time 😑i can't think of anything good brb
it was a stormy night and the cheery blossom started to flutter. they drifted away towards a dark figure.