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Hey Everyone, Thanks for the well wishes and speedy recovery. I'm definitely going to need it. This picture, I just took, and is the morning after my surgery. as you can see, I'm bandaged up and quite swollen. I'm on antibiotics and Fioricet for pain. I'm also taking Tylenol PM, which has done wonders. My chin pain is by far the most excruciating, which is odd because I thought that my nose would hurt the worst.
Me in the hospital when I woke up. I quickly discovered that my burgundy briefs were taken off of me. I pulled up the gown to see that I was naked and the nurse pulled it down, explaining to me that I had wet myself during the procedure. She put a mesh hospital diaper on me after that. this has been a whirlwind. I can't wait to take these bandages off! I will be sharing more photos soon.


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yikes, keep healthy and stay rested! I honestly don't think I would ever go under that way, but to each his own! happy for you!
@marshalledgar Later in the future, I don't want to get them crazy big lol I just want them a little full/plumped
Thanks @nicolejb :) @PurpleChick if and when you're ready, my recommendation is to get the fillers done at an actual plastic surgery center rather than an aesthetician because you want to make sure that the person who's done the procedure has done it a million times and isn't some random tech or nurse or front desk clerk. Also, with so many fillers out there (synthetic/natural) you want to get the right one for you. Research is key. That's why I joined It also took me two months to find the right doctor, after I visited and consulted with three.
@marshalledgar Thank you so much for letting me know, I was going to go to an aesthetician but thanks for the heads up because there isn't any going back after the lip injections, and I don't want then to look bad :( I will Definitely check that website out!
oh good! @PurpleChick you're so welcome. my cost was $1100 per syringe. I had 4 syringes last friday. obviously, not my lips, however.