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I might've been away foooooor 2 days?? Lol jk but anyways, since it's jump in January, I thought of making a game just like everyone else!!! XD But seriously this is a game for anyone to participate, have those faces ready!

For this game, you most recreate up to 3 or less face expressions of your ultimate boy bias and girl bias! Tag at least 5 vinglers who you think would be interested in participating! Make sure that it titles {JJ}, [JJ], whichever lol, and tag me so I can see your beautiful faces!!

These are my recreate face expressions! v v v v v v v v v v v

Boy bias: Gdragon

(NOTE: it doesn't have to be perfect, just make the best face you can do :3 as you can see, the second pic isn't my best one XD)

Girl bias: CL

(Note: if you don't have a girl bias at all, and I mean AT ALL, you can recreate your bias wrecker/second boy bias >.)
u r so cute!!!!
*caught* you are deff not letting me go huh.... FINE!!! LOL 😛😛😘
**dying at work, while my boss looks at me crazy** DAAMMNN IT!! but have to wait till tonight. lmaooo
omggg!!!! hahahaha ***why me whyyyyy***
why are you so cute?
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