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Hi! my name is Lee and today/night I wanna do an review on an anime called Wolf girl and black prince! ( ˘ ³˘)❤ Ah having a boyfriend is so sweet and adorable. But thats not the case for a young girl named Erika Shinohara a 16 year old who Is a first year in highschool tries to "Fit in" and wants to have the best years in highschool, When she saw two girls who looked really cool Erika thought it would be nice to be in there little group. Then she over heard them talking about there boyfriends and how rich or hot they were Erika thought to herself that if she didnt have a boyfriend they wouldn't except her.
So she decided it would be okay if she made up her boyfriend and began to tell them Stories on how he is over obsessed with her and how he likes to play "Games during the night "⬅⬅⬅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° And when the two girls begin to believe her that one day asked her "Can we see what he looks like!?" She panicked and had to find a way of finding the perfect fake boyfriend she could use for her excuse. When she walking home she saw this most *cough* sexy*cough* guy she thought he would be the perfect one to use! so she took a picture and had to run away quickly because He saw her taking the photo
When she showed the two girls the photo they were shocked and jealous of her, but one of the girls said that he had looked familiar but she cant remember where she knows him. Erika began to worry. Until she see this boy at her school known as The prince
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I like the black prince when he's nice
The black prince is hott and sexy when he's not rude and pulling on heart srings
Ah one of my favorite one.. Love him, he is so cute ☺️😍