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Didn't realize, the comment's gone and btw you didn't tag him so I doubt he got your comment 😂@ChaseBrigham
2 years ago·Reply
I didn't know you could tag. I'm pretty new and it must have been taken off like right after I commented.
2 years ago·Reply
Yea I took it off after reading your comment lol @ChaseBrigham ..... To tag someone just tap on their comment and it automatically tags them or you can put @ and their whole name
2 years ago·Reply
@tylor619cruz ohhh ok lol well thank you. I guess you learn something new everyday and I'm glad you deleted that comment. you have saved a random poor soul that could have stumbled upon that comment and get pissed and stop watching the series.
2 years ago·Reply
hopefully everyone's caught up with Fairy Tail now that Fairy Tail Zero is going on.
2 years ago·Reply