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"Don't be frightened, child!!" GD says as he covers your mouth with his hand..You slap his hand away from you.. "How come I shouldn't be frightened?!?! Your GD from BigBang!!" You squeled as you hug him..

"What is a famous person like you here at a kpop store anyway?" Jiyong looks at you and faces towards you.. "I was minding my own business and I was on the phone with Manager Hyung because we were gonna perform a concert and then I was chased by Saesangs...They told me if I didn't gave them free tickets, Then they would poison my drinks or burn pictures of me and the rest of the members in front of the concert as they scream that were fakers and that none of us can sing or rap..." Jiyong was about to cry, his hands were shaking, he was terrified. You gave GD a long hug to make him feel better. About 10 minutes later You see GD push you back, he looks at you with worried eyes.

"Hey, (Y/N), Do you know any hotels or something that I can stay in?" Jiyong asks you worryingly.

"How about we go back to my house? Not like I want you for myself or anything!!.... But I meant that Saesangs are crazy and can find you easily." Gd smiles and nods at you, grabbing your hand GD walks you out the store and Lets you lead the way. ------

"We're hear, Oppa".. GD looks up at your house with sleepy eyes. You look at him, "Ah, Oppa you must be tired, I'll let you sleep on my bed and I can sleep on the floor..." "No no you sleep on the bed, I don't deserve a bed it's alright.." You guys walk upstairs and you both sit on the bed. He puts his hand on your right thigh. "You don't mind if I'm here? for 2 days?" You smile and nod. You sit back up on your bed and you were about to sleep but you woke up to the touch of Jiyong's hand..

"Do you mind if I sleep next to you, I have nightmares easily and You're very comfronting..." You blush and let him... about midnight you woke up because you were hungry and you see GD sleeping peacefully like a baby.. You were about to get up but he wraps his arm around you pulling you in closer... You look at him and bury your head in his chest.. He whispers into your ear softly, "Hey, You don't leave me alone.... remember I get nightmares easily and you're comforting.... Please don't leave me alone (Y/N) without permission..." After he said that you say okay as he gave you a kiss on the forehead as you too sleep soundingly.....

The feels omg I just killed myself!!!!
*claws wall* gd oppa wae
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