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I think he is one of the most pampered maknae's in kpop. The members always give him want he wants
I don't know how he can be like this one minute...
And be down right adorable the next...I think he's also on of the most spoiled maknae's there. The members will get him whatever he wants and he knows it too
He kept asking Kris to buy him bubble tea when they were in Hong Kong and ofcourse Kris got him bubble tea
The hyungs even help the maknae open his drink
Chanyeol even posted a cute picture of Sehun taking more than a 100 pictures on his phone. Chanyeol said that he is the maknae and that it was cute XD (No matter what he does the members adore him)
Even when he throws a tantrum Chen tries to placate him
Do I even need to explain this?
And the reason Sehun is the sassiest maknae every...Suho you need to stop spoiling him...but we love him no matter what XD (I own nothing cr. to owners)
I watched the V app when Suho was showing how Sehun slept. As soon as he called him Sehun answered and said he was waiting for him to call him bc he was also watching Suho on the V app on his phone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
He is the most spoilt maknae in the kpop industry, but I still love him and I want him to be pampered by his members....
the last one was so cute!
so cute
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