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I really wasn't going to post today, but i think I've had you waiting too long. I had SERIOUS writers block, so i honestly dont think this is great, but i managed to figure out a plot for the next few chapters. Ive had people ask me about when it will end and how many chapters. honestly, i dont even know. I'll know when its done when i feel like i wrapped up the story, with no loose ends you know? But i hope you enjoy.


I'll post the story on wattpad too sometimes faster than i will on here so follow me on there too


Word count: 1.3k
With my breathing uneasy I manage to pull myself together and open the door, only to see a flushed faced Taehyung panting as if he had just ran a marathon. “Are you okay Taehyung? you look like you’re dying.” I said, cocking one eyebrow up at him. “I thought something happened to you. I thought Namjoon had done something” he said with worried eyes. The feeling of guilt started arise, causing me a sharp pain in my chest. A few moments of silence passed, until i broke it. “He’s not in here. I have all my stuff, should we go to your room now?” Tae grabbed my bags from my feet and walked towards his room and i simply followed, not before looking back at the bathroom door that namjoon had disappeared behind.
Taehyung’s room wasn’t that far from namjoons, why did it feel like it took forever to get there? My heartbeat started thumbing in my ears, making it hard for me to concentrate on my breathing. i could feel a shocking pain in my head like no other. everything started becoming blurry. the feeling of my throat closing caused me to fall to my knees with a big bang. Tae dropped the bags and spun round and grabbed my hands in his and with that my eyes shut and all i could see was white.
“She suffered from a severe anxiety attack. According to her records we had transferred from the U.S, she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 4 years ago, which they then prescribed Fluoxetine and Xanax. fluoxetine, being an anti depressant and Xanax to prevent anxiety attacks. But a year ago she was taken off, due to good results. Something must have seriously thrown her off for her to have such a big episode” An unknown voice said, awakening me from a sleep i don’t remember falling into.
I open my eyes only to be blinded by a bright light and white ceiling, causing me to wince as a shocking pain appeared from behind my eyes.
Where the fuck was I?
Who the fuck was talking?
Too scared to look, I close my eyes tightly and hope that this was just another nightmare. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. i opened my eyes only to see the same white ceiling and bright light. All the voices i had once heard, turned to quiet whispers.
“She’s awake, she’s going to need time to adapt to the voices. So please keep it down. Once she’s up and back to her scenes, you’re free to go.” the same unknown voice from before said, before leaving the room. I assume as i heard the footsteps head towards the door.
I turn to my right and see a strange Korean man starring at me. “Ah, you’re awake now (Y/N)”
The fight or flight reflex kicked in, and i was ready to fly far, far away. I flip over to my left side ready to get away from this man who i didn’t recognize, only to see 7 more men standing there, but these ones i recognized.
“Relax (Y/N). You’re safe, thats just the manager. You weren’t suppose to meet until friday, but you suffered from an anxiety attack and he wanted to come down and see if you were okay.” Tae said pulling me into a hug. “…Im fine. i just want to go home. i’ll be fine.” i said collapsing into Tae’s chest, as if i belonged there.
“You’ll be able to go home as soon as you're ready" The Korean man, who I have learned to know is my manager said. “Then I’m ready to go home now please. I really hate hospitals.” i said before tae picks me up bridal style and walks with me towards the door.
“I’ll bring her to the car,you guys bring her stuff.” Tae said as he went though the door.
The car ride home was completely silent, as i expected. The entire way there Taehyung’s hand never left mine. I usually hate holding hands, but it was comfortable with tae. It felt as if my hand actually belonged there…interlocked with his. I manage to grab my headphones out of my bag and put on “LuHan - Promises” I rest my head on Taes shoulder and get lost in the music the rest of the way home.
“Do you want me to carry you? or would you feel better walking? whatever is best for you, ill do it” Tae said as the car came to a stop. My eyes adjusted to the area, realizing i was home. “Its okay, you’ve done enough for me for one day tae. i can walk.” I said slowly stepping out of the car. As soon as my foot hit the ground, Tae wrapped his arm around my waist before flashing that adorable rectangle smile.
Finally in the house “Alright guys, we’re gonna go to bed" tae said as everyone gathered in the living room. We got an okay from everyone except Namjoon, which I expected with his petty ass. But as I turned away he started speaking.
"What do you mean you're gonna go to bed? She's been assigned to my room?"
We continued walking up the stairs, Without turning to face him tae simply responded with "I've been the one taking care of her, she's staying in my room" taking the last step at the top of the stairs, we disappeared without hearing a response from Namjoon.
Before we could get to the door, all I saw was the shopping bags scattered across the floor. We stepped past them as if they wasn't there, he didn't even give them a second look.
"Will you be comfortable here, with me? I'll sleep at the other side of the bed if you want." Tae said as he settles down on the bed next to me. "Tae, this is our bed. You can sleep how you want & where you want. I'm gonna try and sleep now okay?" With that, I threw the blanket over my body and let my head settle on pillow.
I heard a sigh. Before the weight shifted on the bed, I'm assuming tae got up to go somewhere. Filling me with a feeling of sadness. Why would he leave right now? He was all caring a minute ago. What happened? My mind started racing. The fear of being left alone is occurring again. I can feel the tears beginning to bead up behind my eyelids and escape, leaving two wet streaks down my cheeks.
"Ya. Don't cry (Y/N). I'm right here. I won't leave, even if you tried to push me."
I open my eyes only to see Tae laying right next to me with open arms, indicating for me to come closer. Do I really wanna do this?
"I'm not going to leave you (Y/N). If that's what's on your mind right now, it's not going to happen. Ever." He said pulling me into his chest, then resting his chin on my forehead. "You don't ever need to be scared of being left behind. I know how it feels. But I already feel close to you. It's like this was inevitable. I'm glad you came-" I felt myself getting sleepy hearing his soothing voice. I couldn't help but feel as if this was really meant to happen. For the first time in 3 years, I'm falling asleep without listening to music. I could get use to falling asleep to this. It's getting hard to focus on his words, I'm getting too tired.
"(Y/N). I know you don't feel loved or cared for but I'll learn to love you. I'll make you fall in love with me. You'll understand that I'm a man that deserves you. I'll treat you like the queen you are. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I know you're sleeping now but I feel if I say this while you're awake, it will make things difficult. So for now, these words will be left between me, the barriers of your sleeping ears and the night. I hope you sleep well."
He's so caring I want them to happen but why does it feel like they won't? Ah...Mixed feelings help...😣😣😣
I need a man like this in my life 😭
@gurlmeli13 well I updated this yesterday I haven't made a schedule so probably in a week or so
@RihannaTiaMay awe sweetie you are fine!! i just always look forward when i see a new update! and i got you on wattapad too!
oh I've waited so long for this update! its super good and i love this! keep it goin! (also tag for ch. 7) please! 😀😁😄😃😆
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