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World star Psy revealed that he was already hard at work on his follow-up album to “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman“. During his guest appearance on the American online talk show ‘Saturday Night Online Live With Romeo‘, Psy announced parts of his future plans. “After “Gentleman” promotions, I’m planning on making a new album,” he revealed. “It will be the seventh album in Korea, and my debut album in America. I’m hoping for a summer season release.” He also mentioned that the new album would incorporate many collaborations. “I’m not thinking of any particular artists at the moment, but if I can think of someone after I finish the track I’ll make some proposals.” When asked to pick his personal favorite track from his work, he selected “It’s Art” from his fifth album, and also noted that the Brown Eyed Girls were the inspiration behind the “Gentleman” dance. source : allkpop
yeah..fighting to him!! ^^
Wow already? I guess he really is trying to penetrate the US market now. Fighting!