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So this is my first card ever and it was inspired by @ReinShirai . Although I love both, I choose dogs since I'm allergic to cats, but I've had a few cats in my life and decided to share with you all a few of the dogs and cats I've had and some I still have in my life. I hope you all enjoy them.
This is Mosha, she belongs to my best friend and she's about more than 10 years old.
This is Mia, he was so cute and would let you do what you wanted to him such as if he didn't want to come in the house, he would let my Apollo drag him by the ear into the house. He didn't like other cats and eventually didn't come back after my dad adopted other cats.
This is Apollo, he's very spoiled and he's still with us.
Blossom, she's cute but too spoiled for my taste and is exactly like my sister who requires a lot of attention. Lol, but overall she's super cute and a good girl.
This was Candy, a cat that followed me home and I found her a good home with a good family.
This was just a random cat I saw and took a picture of. It reminded me of Garfield lol.
I'm a dog person because my mom is allergic to cats so I never grew up around them. I also love that dogs need love and attention (whereas cats seem pretty indifferent sometimes hahahah) but overall I just love animals! (That yellow dress is ADORABLE by the way!)
provably cats I can relate to them more but still love both
what if both
@caricakes Thanks, I'll let my sister know, she loves to dress her up. I grew up with both and have always liked both, would prefer to have a cat @AnimeFan4Evr I agree with you. 😀