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After reading a fellow otaku's card @tbell2 on what her ideal anime character and world consisted of I wrote down my own world, and someone suggested that I make a card of it. So I am going to give it my best with this, my first very long anime card... I guess. Just a little insight, most of the pieces I make will be very relatable to me. I will give you guys most of me in the cards. But I'm guessing a lot of us do that when making these. MOVING ON! Also don't be shy. Please share with me your ideal anime world

1) My anime self

I really couldn't decide between my older self, or my current. But a good mixture of the two is always important. When I was in highschool I looked a lot like Uta from Tokyo Ghoul, minus the tattoos, but now I act like him, but don't really look like him as much now. So when Tokyo Ghoul came a long I was hit with a little nostalgia. He's calm, collective, keeps to himself, and I'm not going to lie, I had a bit of a man-crush on him. But he basically was me back in highschool (physically), but I act a lot like Revy from Black Lagoon, which I mean I have a temper now and again. He's dark and gentle. Which to me makes the best combination.

2) My Friend

In every anime world there is always someone with the protagonist. There is no lone wolf. Berserk: Guts had Griffith Parasyte: Sinichi had Migi Soul Eater: Mako had Soul You get the idea. For me, my partner (and life partner) would be someone like Revy. I have a bit of a temper, I'm not going to lie. So I would want someone who would have just as bad if not worse temper than mine just to snap be back to common sense. She's a fighter, rebellious, and a bit psychotic. But deep down she cares about those around her, after she spends time with them. Someone who you would rather have as a friend, than an enemy Also I think it would make some awesome scenes if it were an anime. She reminds me of my friend who very well knows she's psycho, but she doesn't BS me, and is honest all the time, and has my back no matter what.

3) My Power

At first I wanted my super power that I wanted was the kagune that Kaneki had, but after thinking about it for a while I think it was a little ridiculous. So for my technique or super power I would rather be like Saitama from One Punch Man. Just being able to annihilate anything with one punch, I think that's pretty funny. Being able to become strong because you worked for it seems more reasonable than becoming a monster by "accident". I have lived a tough life, and I've earned everything I have. So I feel a little bit of a common ground with Saitama.

4) Place of setting

This one was a difficult choice because I love the fantasy setting. I've loved it since Zelda from Nintendo 64! Magic, adventure, not worrying about paying bills and taxes as much. I couldn't choose between "Gate" or "Is it wrong to pick up chicks in a dungeon". Another reason? Neko-chans. I mean... C'mon! Look at them! But if they can have the races and magic idea from both animes, and the scenery from "Dungeon", then that right there would be my ideal setting. Magic, swords, and neko-chans.
This is a great card. I really enjoy how you use anime characters to describe yourself in specific detail. I've made a card similar to this, even if it wasn't a whole lot.
Definitely, and how they have a story of their own and how they deal with scenarios. @MetalMorgan
@Patmanmeow That's what's awesome about anime and movies and shows and etc. They become these mediums that we can relate to and others around us. And anime is so broad that it's practically impossible to not find similarity in. You know?