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People will eat just about anything nowadays.
Personally, I am amazed at the stomach some people have. They can push anything down for the sake of going viral online.
Today I witnessed a new extreme, as a person ate Military rations from 1955.
A guy who goes by Steve1989 on YouTube has made a hobby out of acquiring, testing, and reviewing old military rations. In this video, Steve got his hands on two extremely rare 1955 B-Unit cans from a Post-Korean War-era ration kit, and decided to open them up.
So how did the food taste, you ask? Steve discussed many of the items in the video above, but one of the items, some powdered hot cocoa, he said “tastes like you took pool water and added hot chocolate to it.” Mmm!
Thankfully, Steve survived eating these items and didn't require hospitalization.

Isn't this one of the weirdest things you have seen someone eat in a long time?

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They are made to last a long time....