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Soo... this is my first card. I didn't really know what to post. But when I saw this i was like "i have to tell someone!!!" so to sum it all up. I was talking to my brother, and he starts mentioning the Celebrity All-star basketball game that the U.S is having versus celebrities from Canada. Then he proceeded to read out the roster.
There was a name that stood out to me while he was reading....... you guys guessed it was Kris Wu. So i was curious to who he was, in my mind kpop stars wouldn't really go for these sort of things. But to my surprise it was him. In my mind i said "this is what you have been up to".
just wanted to share my thoughts. thanks for reading!!!
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What?? Kris. What you doing.
I am definitely recording this game now...
you are not the only one buddy!!😅😄😄
@ilennrocks haha I appreciate that. Glad it's not just me.
I saw this not too long ago and was soo happy Kris has been doing so much ! He's walked in fashion week , he's been in a movie and he's filming another with cara Delevigne and now this