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I'm back with another oneshot, featuring, Jin!
Happy Reading!!
You run up the stairs to your apartment, a smile spread across your face. Today was the day your boyfriend, Jin, was coming home from tour. You haven't see him in forever and were super happy when you found out he was on his way home. You grab your keys that dangled from your mouth and unlocked your apartment door. When you entered, you took off your shoes and set the bags of groceries on the counter. You wanted to do something special for Jin, so you decided to cook for him. You took the ingredients for spaghetti and set them on the table. You aren't much of a cook, but you thought, "It's spaghetti, how can I screw this up?"
You took some pots out from the cupboard and set them on the stove. You turn the knobs to the correct temp and start reading the instructions on a recipe you got off the internet. You put water in the big pot and let it boil. Then, you took the hamburger out of its package and placed it in the pan, mashing it with a spatula so it covers the whole pan.
You continued to read the recipe when you heard your phone go off. You grab it from the counter and smile. It was Jin, telling you that they just landed and will be home in a few. "Yay! Can't wait to see you!" you replied. You sat your phone back down and smiled to yourself. You turn to the pot of now boiling water. You grab the box of spaghetti noodles and open them up, and put them in the water. You grab the spatula and start moving the hamburger around, trying to not burn it. You stir the noodles and grab a drainer, since they're almost done.
You continue this process until you feel your stomach become tight. You clench your stomach and rest your back on the table. "When was the last time I used the bathroom?" you thought. Then you had a sudden urge to pee. You look at the pots, "They should be fine for a bit," you think to yourself. You rush to the bathroom and take care of your business, thinking of how surprised Jin will be when he gets home.
When you exit the bathroom, and breath in. A horrible smell fills your nose. You cringe, but then rush to the kitchen. When you enter, you see the room full of smoke. "Oh no!" you shout. You quickly run to the kitchen and grab the pot holders you were going to use for the pans. You start waving them around to clear the smoke. You turn off the dial that controlled the heat for the pan with the hamburger and run to a window. You open it, hoping that the smoke will get cleared out there.
You run back to the stove and start waving the smoke in the directions of the window. "This wasn't suppose to happen," you thought. Then, you hear the door to your apartment open.
"Jagi, I'm home!" You hear Jin say. You start to panic. You turn to face Jin, a worried expression on his face. "Jagi, what happened?" he asks as he runs to the stove and turn the other dials off. Most of the smoke has already cleared out by now, so he goes and shuts the window. You look down at the floor, tears threatening to fall. You wanted this to be special, but you ruined it. You feel awful that you couldn't do this one simple thing for Jin.
"Jagiyah," you hear Jin say. You feel his hand on your chin. He raises your face to face his. You look up into his eyes. God, you could get lost in those eyes. You were happy to see him, but you still felt horrible.
You speak, "I was trying to make you dinner, so you could have something to eat when you came home. I thought I could cook spaghetti, but the meat burned, and I think the noodles did too," You feel tears falling on you face. You couldn't stop them from falling and your breath started becoming shaky. "I'm really sorry. I just thought-"
"Shh," Jin said as he placed a finger by your lips. He then pulls you into his chest and wraps his arms around you. "It means a lot that you tried, princess." He said. He grabs the back of your head and kisses the top of it. "I missed you so much." he whispered. You tighten your grip around him, missing this closeness.
He pulls away and grabs your face with both of his hands, wiping your tears with his thumbs. "How about we just order pizza and watch a movie? Would you like that?" he said in a soft voice. You nodded, then stood on your tiptoes and planted a kiss on Jin's sweet lips. "That sounds fantastic." you say.
"Great." Jin says, smiling "I'll call in and then I'll help you clean up."
30 minutes later, you and Jin sat on the couch, a pizza box on the coffee table, and a movie on the television. Jin put his arm around you and pulled you close to his chest. You nuzzled your head by his shoulder. He grabbed a piece of pizza and held it by your mouth. "Open up," he said. You opened your mouth and Jin put the pizza in your mouth. You took a bite and enjoyed the smile Jin had on his face. You loved making him smile.
Then, Jin put the pizza back in the box and grabbed your chin. He led your face to his and kissed you lips. You started kissing him back, craving more of his lips. He places his hands on your waist and pulls you closer. "I miss this," he says as you part for air. It doesn't take him long before his lips are back on yours. "Let's take this into the bedroom," he says as he picks you up. You wrap your legs around his waist as he carries you to your room, slamming the door shut and whispering dirty things in your ear.
Hope you enjoyed it!! It took me awhile to think of this story, but once I had an idea, I had this story. Love the ending? *wink wink*. I'm evil, I know.
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