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This guy ↝TOP↜ is killing us... with this look of his♡♡♡♡ My heart beating like crazy!!!!
If I were sitting next to TOP... I won't be looking like that guy (next to him) I will be looking at ▶▷him all the time... ○○huh? What about the fashion show?...who cares!! I got my ★whole world★ next to me♡♡♡♡ Cr to the owners
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@catchyacrayon sme here, I cringed when I saw that crowded closing in. exactly what happened in Beijing airport... what to do... it's TOP :)
I wish I were the security guard... I will keep him really ↝safe↜
Ahhh my babe is legit and totally 100% handsome.. He stole the show.. Had ppl who don't know him tryna to figure out who he is..
Loving the white road sticker on the lapel!
I @SakuraLair I know...white rose label look so fine with his sliver hair