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I think I died a little on the inside
2 years agoΒ·Reply
Ouch 😩. I'm sorry 😭@ashleyemmert
2 years agoΒ·Reply
I'm just kidding lol 😍 don't take it the wrong way I sound like a dying walrus when I'm singing along lol
2 years agoΒ·Reply
@ashleyemmert I know you were just kidding πŸ˜‚ I know I can't sing but I still love K-Pop, which makes me forget that I can't sing...Or speak Korean haha πŸ˜…βœŒπŸΌοΈ
2 years agoΒ·Reply
@KeolaLovesKpop well you keep doing what you love! I feel bad for saying that but I can't take it back I've already said it. but just know I'll be rooting you on 😜
2 years agoΒ·Reply