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So, I decided i should probably introduce myself, although I've been on this app for a while. Name: Syanne J Culver DOB:May 13th 1999 Interest: Anime, manga, video games, drawing, writing, break dancing, reading, Marvel and horror anything I've been into anime since I was three years old. My brothers actually got me into anime, and I'm happy I have stuck with it. Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I've been into drawing. I wouldn't say I am the best drawer but I'm good at it. It is something a do as a hobby and enjoy it. Creative writing has always been something I loved. It is so awesome to create my own stories without any boundaries. I started break dancing when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Dancing is way for me to definitely express myself, especially since I'm more reserved than outgoing. HORROR MOVIES! OMFG THEY ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER. I always found horror movies to be funny instead of scary, I don't know why but yeas. Favorites: Movie- Beetlejuice, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mars Attack and The Breakfast Club Food- Meat, cheese and pretzels Anime- Hard choice because each anime I've seen has had different elements that make it great Color- Black, yellow and gray Number- Three Random Fact: I am a huge fan of James Patterson. He is actually the reason why I got into writing for real. I am on my way to publishing and since last year I got an literary agent and also had the opportunity to edit my book, which is the best part of the process! So, some time this year I'm going to become an author and cannot wait ^路^
Yea! Congrats on your road to publishing. I see you like the James Patterson franchise. I like his solo work. Breakfast at Tiffany's and Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas and the Alex Cross series are top of my list. Thanks for the intro.
@arnelli thankss
馃尲 nice
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