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1. Hyuna. 2. Sehun. 3. Heechul. 4. Yesung. 5. Woozi. 6. Kai. We're currently experiencing a blizzard in my area so I've been cooped up in my room with nothing to do but draw and paint. They aren't the best but eh, I'm pretty proud. I'm working on a Suga at the moment, I'll post that later. Any suggestions? I'm open to requests too, just to keep me busy.
I'm working on Suga now, I think he's coming along nicely. I'll continue updates if I do any other idols. thanks!
Suga is complete!
OMG same it's freezing in ny
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and the first hyunA looks like cl but awesome I love them
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blizzard here too. drawing and painting sounds like a good idea maybe I will too. great job by the way :)
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oh this is amazing....well its sadly not snowing here in California
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thank you guys! I definitely suggest drawing or something while we're trapped inside 馃槅
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