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"For the person to protect me for possibly my entire life, I have chosen...Taehyung."
Taehyung jumped up from the floor where he was sitting and ran up to me. He had his box smile spread on his face. He was bouncing around like a little kid and looked at me. "Y/N! Thanks so much for picking me! I promise to protect you from those baddies! But at the same time we're gonna have fun! Ya!" We were all laughing at his childless. "Y/N! We have another day off tomorrow, so we should go to Seoul to tour around. I haven't been there in forever! Jin-hyung, can we go tomorrow?"
Jin nodded. Namjoon and Jin started talking about the best best places to take me. Hoseok and Yoongi were talking about noodles, again. Why are they always talking about noodles? Meanwhile, Jimin and Jungkook we're playing the finger count game. Taehyung was talking to me. I was getting to know him a little more. He's very silly and cute. In the middle of my conversation with Taehyung, Jin had us all go to bed.
I went back to my room and got ready for bed. Later, I heard a knock at my door. "Come in!" I shouted. Tae walked in smiling like always and he was holding something. "Hey there Tae, why are you here? Shouldn't you be going to bed?" He handed me the thing he was holding. It was a green notebook and a silvery pen attached with a black ribbon. I looked at it confused.
"It's so you can write down our adventures! I'm not saying I want you to, but, in case you do go back and forget us, you can read that and remember. Write the date you wrote it and write something with a little picture." I smiled at him and hugged him. I didn't choose to, I just did. He stiffened at my hug but then relaxed and hugged my back. I thanked him for the notebook and said our good nights. Since it was late, I didn't look through it. The pages probably have no significance other than to write on anyways. I crawled in bed and fell asleep.
I woke up to a gentle knocking. It couldn't be morning already? The clock said 4:18 am. Whatever, its probably my imagination so I tried to go back to sleep. The door opened and someone walked into my room. I sat up ready to attack in case it was one of the people from the facility. He continued to walk towards my bed while I watched him. His hand reached out towards me and I thought he was going to do something to me. He turned to look at me and turned on the lamp beside my bed. It was Tae.
"Tae?" He looked at me and sat on my bed and gave me a tired smile. "It's 4 in the morning. Why are you here? To take me on a mystical adventure?" He let out a quiet laugh.
"No, not tonight. Our mystical adventure will have to wait another time, sorry about that. I'm actually here to talk." I got nervous because it's a 'We need to talk' moment.
"What's wrong?"
"Just a bad dream. It was about me not being able to protect you. Those baddies came and took you away. BTS failed and we got disbanded. All the ARMYs went against us and me in particular."
"That won't happen, this will be a successful experiment. Why would the ARMYs go against you anyways?" He shrugged and sat cross legged on my bed to face me.
"I know it was just a dream but... Hey. Since I'm feeling down, we should play a game."
"What kind of game?"
"Charades? Not very easy with just two people but it could work."
"Sure. We'll say a category and act something out. You go first." He got up and walked to the center of the room.
"Category, animal." He started to run around in circles with his hands in fists in front of him. He started jumping at intervals and kicked up his head.
"Horse?" He stopped running around and nodded. "Ha ha ha! You looked ridiculous!"
"Fine then, it's your turn." He sat back down on my bed and sat cross legged and his arms were crossed trying to look like serious.
"Alright, category is occupation." I pretended to listen to someone's heartbeat. Then wrote on an invisible clipboard. Gave the fake patient a shot and put a band-aid on it.
"Doctor?" I nodded and sat back down. "That was good. Now I shall truly show you my acting skills!"
We continued playing about 7 more rounds afterwards. It was 5:24 by the time we finished.
"Tae, its almost 5:30. You should go back to bed."
Tae made a little puppy noise and whined, "But, y/n! We're having so much fun!" I just had to laugh at him. I took his hands and pulled him up off my bed.
"Am I going to have to take you back to your room?" He laughed and walked out. I was dehydrated so I walked out to the kitchen to get some water. I got a cup from the self and got my water and took it to my room. I sat at my desk thinking about what the next few months will be like. Could Tae really fight masses of those guys off? Though, they can take me away different ways. Seduction? Like, hitting on me?
I finished half of my water and remembered the notebook Tae had given me. A nice grass green with a white bubble to write. I should write my name on it just in case it gets lost. What should I title it? Y/N's adventures with BTS? BTS Experiences? Y/N and BTS? Y/N Experiment BTS? Y/N as an Experiment? I know. Y/N, BTS' Experiment. I wrote the characters neatly and boldly. I drank the rest of my water and took the cup back to the kitchen.
There was someone sitting at the table with a cup of water and a notebook. I carefully walked over to the sink and cleaned the cup. The person spoke. "Y/N? Getting water too?"
"I'm actually putting back my cup. What are you doing out here? Writing lyrics or something? I know you don't write lyrics that often."
"I was just writing about my day. I couldn't get my thoughts out of my head so I'm writing them down."
"You're not writing anything, you're sitting there sipping your water while staring into space."
"I finished writing it down and just started thinking."
"About what?"
"What the next 6 months will be like protecting you." He smiled at me.
"Whatever, go back to sleep." I went back to my room and went back to sleep.
*Poke* *Poke*
Something was poking at my cheek to wake me up. I opened my eyes and saw Tae smiling. "Morning!" I smiled and sat up. "You weren't too stubborn to wake up. But my pokes took an entire minute." I looked over at the clock on my nightstand. 9:36. I got about 6 hours of sleep, so I'm still a bit tired, oh well. "C'mon, we're gonna eat breakfast soon." He took my hand and pulled me out of bed and out of my room.
In the dining area, everyone was sitting at the table talking cheerfully like always. Yoongi was half asleep and nodded when someone talked to him. When they saw me and Tae walk in they greeted us. Jin was at the stove tending to some steak.
"Y/N! Good morning! Hope you slept well." Jin smiled at me very warmly.
"I did. Why are you cooking breakfast?"
"Oh, I usually do, we just went out yesterday since we were short on time."
"Namjoon said you couldn't make breakfast and your food is actually bad." Everyone looked at Namjoon who was getting cups out.
"JOONIE!!! WHY?! I'm a great chef!" The guys at the table nodded except Yoongi who fell asleep.
"Ah." Namjoon avoided eye contact with Jin when Jin walked up to him. "Just my opinion, but your breakfasts aren't very good. Your chicken tastes a week old sometimes." Jin flicked him on the forehead and went back to cooking.
"Please ignore what he says about my cooking. He's probably jealous that he can't cook. Honestly, event the homeless wouldn't eat his food. Also, he could probably burn water if he tried." Everyone laughed except Namjoon.
A few minutes later the breakfast was served. Steak with egg, weird noodles that looked like crappy organic tofu noodles, and kimchi. The noodles were apparently Hoseok's idea. These were what they were discussing all day yesterday. To be honest, they were great. Jimin said that Jin always adds his own flavors to his food if they don't already. That must be why.
"How's this for a breakfast, Namjoon?" Jin asked with a sly tone. Namjoon just nodded his head and stuffed another bite of steak into his mouth.
"Y/N, why'd you pick Tae out of all of us? I'm equally amazing!" Jimin asked.
"I guess, I thought Tae would be perfect for it." I shrugged and ate another bite of egg.
"Ey, what about me? The Golden Maknae?" Jungkook pointed his thumbs at himself and smirked. The others tried doing similar things to make me change my mind. I simply laughed at them. "We're not THAT weird are we?" Jungkook pouted.
"Tae is just so funny and strange! This alien is so, I dunno." I poked Tae's nose and he busted a smile.
"Y/N! Next week is my birthday, so I should get to protect you that day!" Jimin smiled.
"No it's not." I didn't look up to tell him.
"You don't know that. You lost you memories of us. We were told that you only know our names, albums, and awards we've won."
"Well I know everything. I got almost all of my memories back sometime last night." Everyone paused and looked me with surprise. They congratulated me and Hoseok clapped. Jimin looked disappointed that he couldn't make me believe much of his lies.
"While you're here for the next 6 months there's going to be a few birthdays. Kookie's next week, Namjoon's in a few weeks, mine in a month and a half, Jin's at the beginning of December, Tae's at the end of December, and Hoseok's in February. Basically everyone's but Yoongi." Yoongi looked down almost sad. Jungkook's is in a few days. It's about 4 days until his birthday.
All the food was eaten and some got up to shower and clean up. Others went back to their rooms to get ready for the day. Jin and I cleaned up the kitchen. We finished up in 15 minutes. I went back to my room to change. Should I wear another red shirt? I debated whether to or not. I chose a black shirt with a red star on it, gray jeans, and my red converse. (First picture) I should get new shoes sometime soon.
I finished changing and left for the bathroom. I was cleaning off my face when Jin yelled "You got 10 minutes!" He's such a mother to his little ducklings. After finishing up, I went back to my room and walked in on something strange. Taehyung was pushing a bunch of boxes to the side of the room opposite of my bed. He looked up at me and smiled.
"Tae, what are you doing?"
"Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you, I'm moving into your room. Baddies might come in to take you during the night or when you're by yourself." He pushed another box over to his pile.
"Where are you going to sleep then?" I crossed my arms.
"My bed of course, silly!" He patted my head.
"Then where is your bed?"
"While you're showering tonight, I'll move it in here."
"How are you going to manage to move it in here in an hour"
"It's easy, I'll get Kookie to help me carry the mattress in here. The other part folds up. Kookie can help me with that too." I shrugged and sat at my desk and got on my phone for no reason. It was a habit of mine. There wasn't much on my phone yet, but it would have a lot by the end of the 6 months. Tae went back to his room to get more boxes and to possibly get Jungkook to help him. I then noticed the notebook Tae gave me last night.
On the title area, "Y/N, BTS' Experiment" was written. I am their experiment, but I probably shouldn't think like that. I should probably think of myself as their new roommate, not someone they have to constantly protect. I decided to look at what the notebook looks like inside. The first page just had a box for the date at the top. Lines and lines to write the entry. I flipped through to see if any of the pages were ripped. On the last page was different. It wasn't ripped or different layout. In the center were just a few words. I knew it was Tae's because I knew his handwriting from the photo cards I have. Just a sentence was written.
"Y/N, so beautiful, I think I am starting to love her."
Here is Tae's part. I might get Jimin's up tonight, so expect that. I'm going in age order. Remember feedback and suggestions are needed. I would like suggestions for Hoseok and Namjoon, I don't know what I'll do for theirs. Hope you are enjoying the story! Buing~
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