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Hello Vingle and friends! I have come before you today in search of friends and a group. What kind of group? A few different ones actually, in attempt to expand my social circles (October has made resolve to be more social going forth). So I come looking for friends who just want to chat, or whatever but also with specific plans in mind. So the first group:
League of Legends. Yes this game. Some of you hate it, some of love it, and some of you really really hate it. I love it and all of the frustrations it gives but what I do not love is Solo Que. October will be straight with you, he is pretty low rank (Bronze 3 was his best ever and he barely plays ranked anymore). However, I would like to find a group of people that I could play more regularly with as a team. I do have an unranked team called Kaptains All that I'd like to rank. So if there is any interest please let me know! As my own rank is low I don't care about yours either! The goal is to have fun, make friends, and get better together. This is one of the more difficult groups as time restrictions for 5+ people gets complicated. Due to work and school I usually have to play late in the evening or nights and in the mornings before 12.
The next group is Anime! Or comics! Or both! This group could be either easier or harder than LoL because I have two methods I'd like to try out. The first is the easier method of basically an online book club feel where as a group we could watch anime, read comics, and just discuss what we like about them. Again the point is just new friends talking about stuff we enjoy. I could either set up a place for us to do so online, or we can use existing social media hubs (Vingle itself, Kik, etc). The second and more in-depth idea is harder because it involves actually starting up a club of sorts. This is an idea I've had for quite some time and just need people to make it work. I'd be able to create a true nerd club with meetings, where we have viewing parties for movies, anime, TV shows, whatever. Part of it would be for comics and games as well. Again just a place for us nerds to call our own and hang out with other accepting like minded nerds. This is a bit more difficult because I'm limited to the Colorado Springs and Monument areas of Colorado since that is where I live my life. I know its difficult and some people are very hesitant to meet in person or say where they are from but this is an idea I really would like to do someday and if anyone is willing or curious please let me know!
The final group is all about art. Which art? All of it. I, myself, usually prefer sketching and drawing but painters, sculptors, any and all artists of all skills are welcome. We can share art, provide feedback and tips, and further our pursuit of art whether it's just a hobby or a full blown career passion. I've tried sites such as DeviantArt to get into groups and do basically exactly what I want to do here but it was a failure. People either had little true interest or were already so entrenched in existing groups that new members had a difficult time breaking in and feeling at home.
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I also play if you're interested. I'm basically wood 6 but once upon a time I was gold.
LoL name is The Syre. Send a friend request and hopefully time will allow us to get together
word! my name on league is the same as here so look for that one later when I get online
sweet. I have class tonight until about 8pm Colorado time but I expect to get on after