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Hey guys, I've just recently been getting into posting up the English version, or the "cover" version of KPop songs because I can't seem to find that many on the actual app. So I decided to post them up myself. XD Anyways, so far the ones that I've put so far are these.... VIXX - Error VIXX - Voodoo Doll Blossom Tears by Lyn and Leo (VIXX) Those are the only three I've done. I'm trying to find the instrumental version of Girls, Why? with Okdal on youtube, but I can't seem to find it. So if you wouldn't mind helping me out that would be awesome. Also, if you guys would like to suggest kpop English cover songs that I should put up on Smule, don't be afraid to mention them in the comments. I go by EmilyPVIXXLeoFan on Smule, so if you like, you can check out the songs that I've put up so far and see if they're ok. It literally took me like 6 tries before I could get the lyric timing for Error right, but now I've managed to get it down.
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I like this post but vingle won't let me like it lol