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So they're my newly found passion. I mean, ughh I was missing out on so much great music! Literally each song by them is my current jam, and I've become a MonBebe. They kind of remind me of BTS, whom I like a lot too. Not saying they're unoriginal, I love them both. Back to Monsta X. They're already my 2nd Favorite group EVER. (I'm actually an EXO-L ๐Ÿ˜‡) Everyone in there has such unique personalities, and I admire the rap parts; Like they are so fucking amazing. Also, they're eye candy. It was really hard to choose a bias here, but I finally chose Minhyuk. I.M. Is my bias wrecker though, his deep sexy voice is just mesmerizing. I hope they keep making good music. I'm excited for their new album this year!
If you haven't heard their music yet, and you like hip-hop and urban pop, you're definitely missing out. My top suggestions: 1. Trespass 2. Steal your heart 3. HERO
I'm like addicted to rush and hero
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