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He was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling with a huge smile on his face. He looked over at his phone waiting for a call from her. Smiling he looked at the picture of her he had on his phone. He couldn’t believe he finally had her after loving her for so long. The screen suddenly changed as an unkown number came up on the screen. He answered the phone and within seconds was sitting up on his bed panic setting in.
“No………where are they? Yes I’ll be right there as soon as I can.” He stumbled through his appartment trying to find his shoes. When he stepped outside one of his neighbors asked what was wrong.
“My girlfriend was in an accadent and I’m about to head to the hospital.”
“I can drive you there if you want. I know you don’t have a car man and I’m sure you want to see her quickly.”
“Thank you that means a lot. I know I ususally keep to myself but again thank you.” They made their way down the steps and to his neighbors car. The drive felt like days as everything rolled around in his mind. How could all his happiness be stripped away so fast. As soon as they pulled up to the entrance he was getting out and thanking the man again. He ran all the way inside and noticed Namjoon waiting by the front desk.
“Some of the others are already waiting in the emergency room section. I was just waiting for you lets go.” Of course the others would have gotten here faster they were all closer to her house in distance. They made their way to the waiting area, everyone was there except V. Kookie came over to him and held him. He could feel the sobs shaking the younger boy, how could he possably tell him now when he was already so upset.
Hoseok and Jimin were standing against one wall both trying their best not to cry. Hoseok must be feeling just as bad as him, he loved her too. Jimin being her best frined, it was a surprise he wasn’t a big mess. Both of their friends were in the sugery room and they were all out here so hopeless.
“Where’s V?”
“No one has been able to get ahold of him. I did call his sister but she wasn’t much help she was a crying histerical mess. Something happened with V but she couldn’t tell me what she just kept sobbing. So on top of two in the hospital we have one that’s missing. Just then the doors to the ER opened and a doctor came walking out.
“Are you all here for the two from the car accadent.”
“Yes do you have news?” Namjoon seemed to be the only one who could speak. The doctor started slowly and heavily.
“Well your friend who’s name is Jin, he’s still unconsious but he is stable for the moment. He is breathing by machine right now due to the damage to his ribs. We managed to stop all the bleeding. The woman, we couldn’t find any records of her, according to the paramedics she was dead upon their arival. According to the reports I received she died almost instantly on impact from a broken rib puncturing her lung. She bleed out internally and suffocated withing minutes.”
Yoongi could feel the world spin around him as his legs went weak. She was finally happy, and he was happy with her. All of it was gone so fast.
omo!!!! 😭😭😭😱😱 Please this is not the she cannot die Yoongi was happy with her!!!😭😭😭 Now all he is going to feel is pain😭😭😭 Please tell me this is not the end, there has to be more😭😭😭 My feels... my heart💔😭😭
Cnsoxjwnfisnqjfiqndjqj waeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Lol @SugaOnTop she isn't dead. I won't fall for your tricks *tries not to cry*
no! I hope it's just another fake death!
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