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So lately I have been thinking on and on about the types of girls in this world, but I'm talking about looks. Not just any kinda of look, but girls and their hair length. I mean we have girls with jarhead hair cuts, we have long haired girls, short haired girls, girls with layer hair, medium haired girls, and so on. Considering the girls we see more often are long haired girls and short haired girls, I was wondering what kind of hair you guys prefer on girls?

Short Haired Girls

Long Haired Girls

Can't pick? Say both!
I like both too... Although long hair is easier to put up it's also harder to wear down vice versa for short hair lol
whatever they make work is great even no hair is sometimes gorgeous
I like both actually! I think short hair is way more stylish though. I can't pull it off. :'(
I'm more attracted to short haired girls. ChoA 馃槏 https://youtu.be/M6BZz4evKq4
Personally I like longer hair better (on myself) simply because I can do more things with it but I've had short hair before and I loved it too
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