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GENRE: Angst, Fluff. Word count: 374 I hope you enjoy. To get the full experience, i suggest you read it on wattpad (--click) with turning pages. Thank you!
What's the point of even writing "dear beloved ex". It's not making a difference. Why won't you reply? Why won't you answer me? I send a piece of what's left of my heart in each letter, yet my letters get sent with no reply? Can't you see I love you? Do you know how much it hurts to see you with another guy? Of all guys one of my old best friends. It hurts seeing you pretend to be so happy. You were always great at it. I saw your new music video, did you choose the concept? It's such a heartfelt song, why did it need such a slutty video? I never knew you were such a great actress. Singing the words "I love you and you know it, but you know I'll never show it" half naked, grinding and kissing on Tao. Who would have thought the lyrics that you sang to me on the phone when you though I was sleeping, would end up so tainted and now filling me with feelings of disgust. I really loved that song... Can I ask? What's with you using my old band members? You're "dating" kris, grinding and kissing on Tao. What's next? Bed scenes with Luhan? Or are you going to push the button that hurts the most and use someone who's actually still in my group? I'm sorry... I didn't mean to snap. I'm just really fragile. It's now April 13. I sent you the last letter 2 months ago today, if you actually read it you can probably guess where I am. And if you didn't. well, I'm on the plane flying to Japan. Now that my tour is over i have two months free and I'll be staying in my house with Baekhyun. I decided it's time I started talking to someone and try to put trust into someone again. I know you still live in the house we bought together and I still have the key. I hope you don't let Kris sleep in the bed we bought together in plans of making a family. I cringe at the thought of him replacing me in the plans that we made for the future. I hope to see you soon. Love, your ex-fiancรฉ. Park Chan-yeol.
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You know Rihana dear! You have The potential to be a good Writer. You really make me believe The story plus all The emotion involved Hahaha!
@aliahwhbmida this is honestly just a story... His name was just used
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