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ergo proxy

so I was trying to pass out last night. its around 130 am and I say fuck it(pardon my language) lemme see what's good. I go through about a million similar shows through random shows I never knew of on funimation and find this gem. ergo proxy. so many different meanings and variants come to play. ergo translates to 'therefore' from the Latin context while proxy means the authority to represent someone else. I'll go further. the series presents philosophies from the giver a Nobel prize winning fiction(can't remember the author), Plato's allegory of the cave and many more. the year is 7207 and humanity is on the brink of extinction. r-el mayer is a detective alongside her robot compatriot Iggy and together they face a series of trials about the truth of their little utopia, romdeau. the outside world holds so many mysteries along with the the super race known as proxies. created before the time of the pilgrimage through space by humans for a new world, these creations of man are dedicated to the preservance and repopulation of humankind. with all this the proxies have developed human qualities, most notably loneliness and insanity. will mankind triumph or finally see their fate.? how's the review. halfway done on this one series hitter and absolutely in love. something for those who are bored or the others trapped in by this snowstorm. lemme know what you think of you have or haven't watched already
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