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Isn't he cute? ??

So so sexy I am always posting stuff on Mark and Jackson sometimes JB..I said we'll let's post the rest of them hello what's wrong with me is GOT7?? They are 7..haha I will start with Yugyeom The Maknae ...I know he is too serious to bae the Maknae and BamBam is the silly one .. but he still our GOT7 Maknae
Yes...He is a Chris Brown fan... I wonder is that why they call him Brownie??
Let me tell you something I really like Yugyeom's stile he knows how to dress...Hey I am not saying the others don't. . I do t like Markson's airport's style and all But Yugyeom appears to have come out of a magazine all the time.. really like it. and Black looks gorgeous on him..
Yugyeom Our GOT7 Maknae is also the group lead dancer? oh wow.. he got some sexy moves love it..
and of course you can see how the Hyungs like takes advantage of him. haha..of of course. .
hahaha Yugyeom is like I don't want it.. lol..
Well here I think Yugyeom is taking advantage of my Bae Mark..haha although Mark doesn't appear to be taken advantage of..haaha ( can I be Yugyeom ?)
Yugyeom need more attention. . Hyungs just don't cut it for the Maknae.. and Yugyeom is looking for attention with the wrong one hyung ..hahah Like even Jackson says that marks is like an object he doesn't talk..ahhaha
"searching up black girls"😂😂😂😂
@UnnieCakesAli ..oh boy haha there you go..
@luna1171 is weird cuz I'm actually dark skinned. I feel so targeted right now lol😂😂
@UnnieCakesAli I know I said wow he likes dark skin girls.. hahaha
@PrettieeEmm .oh yea.. JB.. makes me that too haha..only JB..cause my babies are my babies.. but JB..well JB..haha
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