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The legend of the Four Dragons and the origin of the land has been passed down for generations in the land of Kouka. Currently, Hiryuu Palace has no one else next in line for the throne other than the fifteen year old princess, Yona, who had been raised with care.
Finally, the night of her sixteenth birthday arrives. She expects it to be a wonderful day spent with her peace-loving father, Il, her servant and friend Hak, and her cousin Soo-won, who she had feelings for... However... That night, Yona goes to visit her father to tell him how she really feels, because he opposes to her getting married to Soo-won. However, when she gets to her room, she encounters a shocking truth.
 GENRE: Historical Fantasy Romance
 Episodes: 24
 Status: Complete


The story follows the redemption of Yona, the sole princess to the kingdom of Kouka. Yona lives the carefree life of a princess in Hiryuu castle, being sheltered by her pacifist father, King Il, and protected by her bodyguard and childhood friend Son Hak. During a party being held for her sixteenth birthday, her other childhood friend and love interest Soo-won comes to pay tribute to her. Intending to tell her father that she cannot forget her love for Soo-won, she visits King Il's chambers and witnesses him being killed by Soo-won, who reveals that he will now properly rule Kouka. Hak intervenes and saves Yona and they escape from the castle to Hak's birthplace, the Village of Wind. Under the suggestion of Hak's grandfather Son Mundok, Yona and Hak search for an oracle named Ik-su. Ik-su tells them the legend of the first king of Kouka, Hiryuu, and the four dragons who unified the kingdom. Yona and Hak, joined by Ik-su's assistant Yun, begin a journey to find the reincarnated legendary dragons in order to survive and save the Kingdom of Kouka.

The Dragons:

Each character and dragon is slowly introduced with their own stories of how they came into the world. The White Dragon having the most knowledge about who he is and what his mission is being born with the white dragon's powers.
Every time a new dragon is born, the previous one slowly loses their powers as they are transferred to the new dragon. Once all the powers from the older dragon are completely gone, they become mortal and die.


Gija(キジャ): He is the the inheritor of White Dragon's claw and spent most of his life isolated in his hidden village, respected mostly like a God of the village. He is naive and often gullible. Out of all four dragons, Gija is the most loyal to Yona, having been raised on the tale of Hiryuu and feeling a strong duty as the White Dragon. He regularly bickers with Hak, Yona's Palace Guard and sworn Guardian, who calls him "white snake". However, both eventually developed respect and trust for each other through their concern for Yona's well-being. Gija has the highest innate sense for the other Dragons whereabouts and is also laughably and adorably terrified of insects.


Shin Ah(シンア): He is the inheritor of the Blue Dragon's eyes. When Shin-Ah was born, his mother killed herself out of fear of raising the child with the Blue Dragon's cursed eyes since, feared by the villagers, who believe that those who look the dragon in the eyes will turn into stone. Shin-Ah had a lonely childhood and longed for friends. He was raised by the previous Blue Dragon, Ao, who taught him swordsmanship and his duty to protect the village until he finally went blind, losing all his Blue Dragon powers, and died.
One night, after Ao's death, Shin-Ah used the power of his eyes to protect his village from approaching soldiers, unintentionally killing all of them. This forced the entire clan to move and stay hidden from civilization. He saved Yona from a malicious villager when she got lost in the caves and eventually he joined her clan in search of the other two dragons.
Shin-Ah had no name and was only referred as the Blue Dragon, until Yona gave him his name, meaning "Moonlight".


Jaeha(ジェハ): He is the inheritor of the Green Dragon's right leg. Jae-Ha was kept prisoner in his village until he eventually escaped and joined a pirate crew. He attempted to avoid Yona because he did not want to be constricted by his supposed duty, submitting to a master is against his astetics. He initially declined Yona's invitation to join her, however, he was soon intrigued by Yona's spirit and determination. Despite his doubts about whether it is the dragon blood talking or his conscience, he leaves his pirate crew and joins Yona on her journey. Jae-Ha is laid back, a romantic and a total womanizer. Spending much time flirtting with any cute girls who passes by and throwing money away at brothels.
Jaeha is keenly aware of Hak's feelings towards Yona and likes to tease him about it, much to Hak's annoyance. Jaeha's power allows him to jump to extreme heights,to which he use to his advantage when observing the perimeter from above. However, his power is useless when he is under water. In battle, Jae-Ha uses daggers as his main weapons, which he hides beneath his clothes.


Zeno(ゼノ): Zeno's dragon power is immortality; his body continues to regenerate no matter how many times he is attacked even if his head is cut off from his body. However the power can only be used when Zeno is gravely injured. When he uses this power, his dragon scales appear throughout his body. He is actually from the first generation Four Dragons that served King Hiryuu and has been living for about two thousand years since obtaining the dragon blood.
Zeno was a wanderer who first met Yona and her group when he smelled Yun's cooking; Yona invited him for lunch, and he happily accepted. Despite supposedly being the Yellow Dragon, he admits that unlike the other three dragons, he didn't sense any 'awakening' when he first saw Yona and doesn't initially show any special abilities.
Opening and Ending season's 1 &2


A.) Because I said so and worked hard on this card (Duh!)
B.) Because of Ao the adorable squirrel!
C.) It's rated 8.3 out of 10!
D.) It's not a sloppy romance story, the romance blossoms slowly and doesn't consume the show.
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@KhrystinaLee Yea. I want 2 c more of this animated. It's getting VERY interesting. There r some scenes I just HAVE 2 c as an anime. Altho, unfortunately, even if it gets a 2nd season, it won't cover stuff about taking back her kingdom bc that's a lng ways off from happening even in the manga. It would take at least 3 or 4 anime seasons 2 cover that much ground (assuming they don't all of a sudden decide 2 cut out heaps of important stuff).
@AtisutoMeru I haven't read the manga, so I'm going to take your word on that. But they really should continue with the series since they've go so many people hooked. I'm always in favour of historical and fantasy genres.
@KhrystinaLee lol no spoiler and yeah they left us at a cliff hanger that makes it seem that there is another season. I hope it comes out
This anime is perfect in so many ways.
The squirrel was my favorite character! lol ..and the blue dragon. His shyness was adorable!