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While the Flint, Michigan water system is grabbing a lot of just due press, their is another big issue in the state right now picking up steam as well: the Detroit public school system.
Detroit’s students are trying to learn while breathing in black mold and sitting in classrooms filled with buckets catching toilet water leaking through the ceiling. The teachers have had enough and are using sick days to grab the attention of the state to fix this matter.
Teachers and parents have uploaded pictures from the schools to show the learning conditions kids are dealing with in Detroit everyday under the watch of Gov. Rick Snyder.
Nancy Muerhoff, a kindergarten teacher at Carleton Elementary in Detroit, said water from toilets above her classroom has been leaking through her classroom’s ceiling for over three years.
Detroit Schools are so cold in the wintertime that students expect to have to wear their coats in the classroom, and those same students attempt to learn in the midst of heat exhaustion during the hotter months.
Students are forced to learn in the midst of black mold — where crumbling walls, floors, and ceilings drip rain on their heads and electronics. Their bathrooms are broken, and the drinking fountains are few are far between.

How is this possible? Should the President step in to enforce action in a situation like this?

This is atrocious!! I'd have to do something, too. How do the parents feel fine letting the kids go to school like this?
They probalbly can't afford to do anything else... @ButterflyBlu :(
oh my gosh. yeah I'd be upset too! how are kid supposed to learn in an environment like this?!