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how awesome are these lashes!! @oj1992 i think these will bring out the natural beauty of your 3 yellow eyes but too bad i only have 2, so your 1 big eye will be left out..its all good because that one is already unique (*_*)
yes dearies ... now everytime I look into the mirror I feel rich coz I see gold ! ouch ! ouch! I think the super glue is acting up. dang !
@oj1992 ...look, just b/c i got it at the $1 store doesnt mean you got to call me out like that...see see see if it werent for me, you wouldnt even know you had 3 eyes...
@oj1992 Yes, so so pretty. Hahahaha! You're so funny.
@YinofYang @cheerfulcallie I am wearing them now. *blink blink * Prettier now ??? Btw I had to use super glue. Callie obviously got them from somewhere cheap ! smh !!!!
@cheerfulcallie you make my day with the phrase "you're eyes are never in sync, they're all looking elsewhere" hahahahha!!!
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