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girls whoes smile is this we all should know I'll give you a hint he is in a group that consist of this equation: 3+13+1=?
now who's is this he is also in a group but in one of 5 he is awesome at girl group dances and went to school in the US for a little time and is good at speaking English and his fans are called loc_ _ _ <---can you finish it and they have a song call view,nightmare ,and _ _ _ _ee's world
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@merryjayne13 if it involves Jimin and JHOPE I'm there! I'll be first in line for that sexy show!馃槏馃槏
@Vixxstarlight you are ccooorrect and earned yourself a imagine just tell me how you want it and who you want and girls that got it some of it right or tried it tell me some groups to do and also I'll lost some videos soon and another guess who soon
and @merrjayne13 you also won yourself a imagine of your choice with who ever because you gotten almost all correct the correct answer to the one you missed is woozi not Vernon but you still are correct
@JaeneashaJones really!! Wow, they must have the same smile. But I can tell Key's smile a mile away. He's my ultimate bias so I'm a crazy obsessed locket...and of course imagine with him would be sweet
OK you should check my part2 guess who? I think it's easier yet harder to complete @merrjayne13