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This is my first card on here so hopefully I did it correctly. I have been on here for a while just reading other people's cards, but I finally decided to participate. Thank you @thePinkPrincess for this card you set up that finally got me to start participating. I hope my little story is enjoyable and I apologize in advance for any misspellings and/or grammar mistakes. Or any mistakes within the fandom, I am also new to BTS all thanks to Vingle. You can leave comments if you'd like and I'd would appreciate any constructive criticisms. Please don't be too harsh. :)

The One Who Invited You

You and BTS had hit it off the first time you met them. You were their English tutor to help them both in general English and with a possible English album they had been discussing. Even though it had only been 6 months, you felt like you had known them for years. You were closest to Namjoon since he was already skilled with his English and he made you almost feel like you were back in the States. Yoongi was the one you were least close to since he didn't speak unless you spoke to him first and he never made eye contact with you, so it came as a huge surprise when you received a text from him. Not only did he text you, but he had invited you to a group sleepover. He said that they all wanted to thank you for how much you had been working with them even on your off time. You couldn't help but smile. "Of course! <3 That sounds awesome!" you replied. Time to start packing!!!

The Sleepover Is At His Place

You arrived at the dorms. You barely had a chance to knock on the door when Taehyung flung the door open. "WELCOME TO MY HOUSE!" he yelled pulling you in. You couldn't stop snickering when everyone yelled back that it wasn't his house. It was your first time at their dorms so you were a bit nervous and kept looking around at everything while still holding your overnight bag. Jungkook jumped up and grabbed it out of your hands, setting it by the stairs. He then grabbed your hand and pulled you over to the couch, "Come sit by me Noona!"

Flirted With You All Night

You stood up. "Let me at least greet everyone first," you said laughing. After you said hi to everyone, Jungkook brought you back to the couch. Most of the rest of the night consisted of Jungkook asking you "Noona, what do you want to watch?", "Noona, are you hungry? Thirsty?" , etc. You thought it was adorable how cute he was being constantly holding on to your arm or jumping up to get something for you or showing you things on his phone. You knew that he had a bit of a crush on you, but you knew he was too young for you. It was fun to be doted on anyway. The members kept giving the poor maknae a hard time about it but he just kept asking you questions. Everyone but Yoongi, that is. But you barely noticed, that's how he always was...

He Suggested To Play Truth or Dare

After a couple of movies and chowing down on junk food, Namjoon suggested that you all play a game. "Ok," you replied thinking that maybe he was going to suggest a card game or board game. Instead he smirked and asked "How about Truth or Dare?". The other members immediately and boisterously agreed. When you were tutoring them, they would always ask you questions about your personal life. Sometimes you answered and sometimes you continued tutoring. "Ugh..." you moaned. Everyone started laughing and quickly cleaned up the area. Namjoon brought out an empty Coke bottle and you started to play.

Dared to Kiss You

The game started off slowly, the boys kept landing on each other and kept picking Dare. They made each other do stupid stuff like stuff as many marshmallows in their mouth as they could or stand on their head for 30 seconds. Even when it landed on me it was simple: piggyback Taehyung up the stairs. Then it happened. Jin got tired of Jungkook's constant flirting and his spin landed on Hosoek. Looking Jungkook in the eyes Jin told him "Kiss noona." Jungkook jumped up crying foul, "That's not fair for her, why does she have to get kissed when it's hyung's dare?!". You started laughing until Hobi face was suddenly within inches of yours. You froze like a deer in the headlights and everyone got quiet. With one hand on your cheek and one hand grabbing your hand he kissed......your hand. Almost everyone started laughing again while Jungkook pouted. Yoongi stayed quiet and stood up, walking into the the kitchen to look for something in the fridge.

Wanted to Sleep With You

With the games finally over, everyone decided that it was time to head to bed. You walked over to your bag and asked "So where am I sleeping?". The boys looked at each other. "I guess we should have thought about that..." they chuckled. Just as Jungkook was about to volunteer his bed Yoongi spoke up, "You could sleep with me." It was said so quietly that you almost didn't hear him, but the boys did. "Huh?" "What?" "You?" "Where'd that come from?" and Jungkook added "No way!". Yoongi messed with his hair and said "I guess it doesn't matter. I just figured the other guys would keep you up and I go to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, so you know..." and trailed off.

He Slept With You

Namjoon interjected "Our room is the biggest. I think you'd be more comfortable there." Jungkook jumped beside you saying "I guess it's settled then. Let me take you to my and hyung's room." He grabbed your bag and ran up the stairs two steps at a time. "Look who's happy" Taehyung chuckled. "Poor little maknae. Getting his hopes up for nothing," added Jimin also chuckling. The boys started heading up the stairs except Yoongi who was staring at his feet. You started up the stairs but the stopped. "Yoongi. I appreciate the offer. It's nice to know you're looking out for me," you said smiling. Yoongi looked up for a brief second before focusing on his shoes again muttering something along the lines of "No problem". Maybe it was just you, but it almost looked like he was smiling. You went up the stairs to start getting ready for bed. Namjoon set up your bedding between him and the wall, Jungkook was pouting on the other side. "There's no way your getting near her," he chastised the maknae. You looked at Namjoon and smiled.

In The Morning, You Found Yourself Cuddling With Him

You woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. You snuggled closer into your body pillow......Until you realized that you didn't bring your pillow with you. Your eyes shot open and you found yourself looking straight into Yoongi's sleeping face. You started to panic until you remembered how you got there. Last night, you had just started to fall asleep...when the snoring started. It was quiet at first but started to get louder. For about an hour you tried to fall asleep, but to no avail. You decided to get a glass of water and go sleep on the couch downstairs. You started pouring your glass when you heard someone say "I wondered how long it would take." You almost dropped your glass of water. Where did that voice come from? You didn't see anyone coming in. You looked over to the living room and saw Yoongi leaning over the back of the couch facing you. "Jesus, Yoongi, don't scare me like that! You almost made me drop my glass!" you whisper-yelled at him. He gave a short laugh before turning back to his phone. You couldn't help but smile as a result. He looked so cute when he smiled, it was a shame he didn't do it often. Not in front of you anyway. You drank your water and put the glass in the sink. "What are you still doing up?" you asked walking to the couch. "I thought he might keep you up with his snoring," he answered. "So you just decided to wait and see if I came downstairs? How long were you gonna wait?" You were now sitting on the back of the couch. He shrugged, never looking away from his phone. You put your hand between his face and the screen. "Why would you wait up?" "I didn't want you to sleep on the couch." He turned away so he could see his phone again. "So where should I sleep?" you asked trying to put your face in his line of sight. "I told you earlier, you can sleep with me. Well, in my room anyway. Jin doesn't snore and I don't either and even though it's not as big, there's still space in the room." You smiled again. "What's this? Min Yoongi is actually sweet? You're always ignoring me," you laughed. "Nevermind then," he said curtly as he got up and started walking back to the stairs. "Wait!" you replied trying to jump up and grab his arm. Your hip caught the side of the couch and you almost fell. And Yoongi caught you. "Sorry," you said sheepishly. You tried to right yourself and found yourself looking straight into his eyes. You weren't sure how long the two of you stayed like that, but at some point Yoongi broke the gaze. He looked down at your hand on his arm and smiled. "So are you coming?" Your heart was pounding and you were sure that your cheeks were bright red. You were so glad for the dim lighting. "Um, yeah, if that's ok..." you trailed off looking down. He gave a quick chuckle before he led you up the stairs to his room. Jin was already dead to the world and there were two sets of bedding laid out neatly. "You were really planning on this weren't you?" you whispered stifling a giggle. He only let out a huff of a laugh and he led you to the bedding closest to the wall. You both laid down and it sounded like Yoongi was already asleep. It took you a couple minutes to get over the fact that you were laying so close to Yoongi. You breathing slowed and you were just about to fall asleep when you heard him whisper, "I'm so glad I met you. I'm so glad you're here with me." You turned to face him and wrapped arms around his arm. He flinched. He must have thought you were asleep, you weren't supposed to hear that. You squeezed his arm and whispered back, "Me too, for both of those reasons and so many more". His other hand grabbed yours and squeezed. You were sure he was smiling. Maybe coming to Korea wasn't such a bad thing after all.......